Well, well, well dear readers, I can quote a series of instances where investing in costly smartphones would start seeming to you a redundant exercise and total waste of money. But not anymore!

Finally, in the wearable segment, we have a well-thoughtful and least ambitious device that does the most basic work and is perfect at it. It does not promise to be what it is not but may be what you needed the most. Ladies and gentleman, it is The Ditto!

Ditto is a new Meta gadget from the house of Simple Matters. It does not have a face, no backlights or no LED sapphire display. It does not monitor your heart rate or track your steps. (Ok, Ok before you leave this page or send me hate comments, I stop this and tell you what it is.)

In a nutshell, it is the buzzer for your smartphone buzz. Hey, wait do not write this off yet. I get your point that it is silly to have vibrating alerts for a phone that itself vibrates now and then. On the contrary, it is your leeway to the freedom from gadget slavery as I can totally relate to looking at your smartphone every 10 minutes with an anxiety taking you over to not to miss an important call amidst the crowd and clamor.

This makes this tie-clip vibrator the next first thing you would like to buy off when it is going to be available for purchase. The first ever and flagship product of Simple Matters, it is indeed very simple in its operations because its job is to inform you in situations when you are away from phone or cannot feel the buzz of your smartphone.

If you tend to forget your smartphone easily, this will alert you when you go away for 50 feet. Ladies, who keep their phone in handbag and then forget about it, can use it to get alerts for incoming calls. It is small, almost invisible. You can attach it to your bra strap or to the small pocket of your trousers to stay updated on the buzz. It is waterproof so, you can take it into swimming pools and still cannot miss a call or email. If sources are to be believed, it can even survive the occasional tour of washing machine.

Not just this, you can also create a favorite list and allot customized vibrations such as three bursts or one short burst. All you have to do is to download a companion app on Android phone or iPhone and tell it what is more important, your husband or the babysitter? ?

It also acts as a vibrating alarm that does not mess up with the sleeping schedule of your partner but vibrates only to wake you up.

Understanding the machine and its working mechanism:

Weighing in at just 8 grams with the strap and without it, just 6 grams, it packs in a powerful vibrating motor to do all its functions. It works via Bluetooth and has a very simple proximity mechanism to alert you. As soon as you get out of the Bluetooth range, it sends you vibrating alert. The battery is replaceable and can last about four to five months.

As of now, the company is running a Kickstarter fundraiser for its flagship product, Ditto. Within just 9 days of the campaign, the company has already crossed about halfway to its goal though according to Olodort, he was least worried about the failure of its funding campaign because it was just a way to create the right noise about the device.

Availability and Price:

Notwithstanding to the fate of Kickstarter, the company will start rolling the Ditto by next year in January. Priced at just $29, Ditto is affordable and a fresh breeze in the wearable segment that was much-needed amidst the bigger brands and wannabe gadgets. The device is available for pre-orders and is available in black, white and clear colors.

Staying true to its name, Simple Matters went through a lot to keep things simple for you in its first ever and flagship brand. It is the brainchild of Bob Olodort who was a consulting designer for Samsung for years, much before when iPhone was introduced to our otherwise mundane lives and phone segment. It is to be noted that Bob Olodort is the same person who had invented the very famous folding keyboard for the Palm.   All in all, it looks very promising to have a low-cost, feasible and functional device at our hands.   Before it actually releases and we update you with the results, please head to the comment section and let us know, do you #Ditto or not?


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