Wearable makers are constantly working towards making their products more accurate. In the bid for better accuracy, the Moov Now have come up with a new wearable called the MOOV HR that measures heart-rate from the head.

The MOOV HR promises to measure heart rate with the electrocardiogram (EKG) — the gold standard of heart measurement. MOOV wearables are mostly worn on wrists because they are wristbands or handbands. But MOOV HR is a small device that comes in a circular case and easily slips inside sweatband or swim cap. The big move from wrist to the head is due to the fact that recent studies have suggested that the wrist isn’t the best place for accurate measurement of a heartbeat.

MOOV HR Moniters:

MOOV HR Moniters


The purpose of the wearable? Meng Li, another MOOV co-founder explains: “To have a really good, effective workout we need to get to a certain intensity—just walking steps or staying in a very low heart-rate zone is not really going to help if I want to lose weight or improve my cardiovascular health.” Scholars around the world suggest both steady movement and intense workouts to increase cardiovascular fitness.

The MOOV HR is more like an AI fitness coach than a tracker. You sync the device with an app and get real-time feedback on your performance. The data is presented in both beats-per-minute numbers and as a continuous wave.


The team of developers behind MOOV HR had tested the device on some twenty people at the Human Performance Lab at the University of California-San Francisco. The result of measuring from the head showed more accurate EKG. The test was done following the labs standard testing procedure. Movements were measured when the subjects were sitting on the chair, after one minute of the interval, they’d run on the treadmill.

Pre-order the Moov HR now for $59.95 either sweatband or swim cap, or $99 for both from the Moov website.


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