Misfit’s last year basic-level entry, Flash gets a makeover this year as it adds a few functionality features on-board. Owing to the collaboration of Misfit with other connected lifestyle services providers, Misfit Flash is now capable to work as a home operating remote as well. Please note that Misfit Flash was already hailed as a pretty good basic fitness tracker and now with lots of useful features adding to the pre-programmed list, it will increase its reception base.

The original Misfit Flash may have a nondescript appearance where you feel that the company has forgotten to paste a face on, but with these features in its kitty, this sleep and fitness tracker is going to be a lot more for all of us. It is not only affordable and value-for-money but also at par in terms of features. Since it does not have a stunner display, it has a powerful battery that runs for about six months. Though, with only single button in the name of operations, its connectivity will be limited to just turning on and off interactions.

The extended functionality will help Misfit Flash to double up as the remote control of certain home automation accessories and pre-loaded apps. Its accelerometer, small lights and buttons will work as a wireless switch on / off for Spotify playlist. It will also be able to set thermostat via Flash sleep tracker and wake you up with the help of Nest Learning Thermostat. The new Misfit Flash can be used to connect to over 160 services and products using IFTTT. As Flash is a single on /off button device, you need to trigger on or off the function through double press. With this you can archive your fitness information or send the drafted messages to the intended recipients and turn the connected devices on or off.

The device can now be used to unlock the smart-connected August Smart Latch and Lock doors. Using Bitfinder, you can use the check the air quality of your home too. The partnership with Logitech Harmony system allows you to trigger commands like listen to music, watch movie or play games. Yo messaging system can be used to send messages. Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight can also be connected with Flash to change the color of light or switch it on and off.

The one-click and two-click action of Flash will merge seamlessly with the connected devices and give you a smooth continuation of digital life. Though, it is not new of sorts. Many Android Wear based gadgets and fitness trackers such as Jawbone UP, Withings and Fitbit are doing this and are compatible with IFTTT. But one thing is for sure, that it is just the beginning of truly incredible unlimited possibilities of digital life.

These strategic partnerships with several partners put Misfit into a competitive advantage especially when the likes of Apple Watch and Samsung are expected to introduce such features in a later stage. While Jawbone is spearheading the wearable community here and working with honchos like Staples Connect, SmartThings, Yonomi and Nest already, Misfit could not have risked to stay far behind and has in fact, quite an early start itself in this direction.

Availability and Price of New Misfit Flash

According to the company, Misfit Flash will be available in March (spring) after the release of its new $50 light bulb Misfit Bolt. This bulb will also be digitally connected and can be controlled by Flash. The current price of Mistfit Flash is $50 but with such features, the price point is expected to hit the upper bracket. Though, the company has not confirmed the pricing as of now.


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