The popular American brand of wearables and smart home devices Misfit, has entered into the Indian market with its three fresh and affordable health trackers know as Misfit Shine, Misfit Flash and Misfit Link. These health tracker wearables are available at an affordable starting price of INR 1999 and come in with a number of attractive features.

These health trackers mainly keep track of an individual’s activity and sleeping duration. The devices have coin cell batteries with a shelf life of approximately six months. The batteries can be replaced once exhausted. They are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices with the help of respective applications.

Misfit Health Trackers:-

Misfit health trackers

Misfit Link is the most affordable product among the three and is priced at INR 1999. The tracker is capable of tracking number of steps taken by a person, duration and quality of sleep, amount of calories burnt and so on.

It can also be used to take pictures remotely, alternating music, changing slides and sending messages. The product can be clipped on multiple places unlike other products. The product is currently available on e-commerce website Snapdeal with four color variations.

Special about Misfit Health Trackers:

Special about Misfit Health Trackers


Misfit Flash is available as a bracelet wearable and with many color options. It keeps track of the burning calories, sleeping pattern and duration and informs the progress through a LED light. It can be easily operated by a smart button.

The device syncs with the companion app to transfer information. It is capable of storing 30 days of data related to fitness. It is water-resistant and works underwater till the depth of 30 meters. The product is available in Snapdeal at a price of INR 2499 and comes in six color options.

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The most advanced variety of the line is Misfit Shine. It is made of metal and tracks fitness activities like steps, calories, sleeping pattern and duration like a pro. The day to day progress can be viewed by double-tapping the device.

This variant comes in with two customization options, luxe leather band and polished necklace. It is water-resistant and works underwater till the depth of 50 meters. It is available at INR 5499 with eight color options in Snapdeal.


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