Mio FUSE is not your routine fitness band. It is a heart rate monitor meets sports watch meets activity tracker. It captures heart rate data without any wire attached to your heart. Along with this, it monitors steps covered, calories burnt and speed. It also allows you to configure and customize heart rate zones to optimize workout. You can also customize its display. The FUSE is compatible with both Android and iOS.

In the wearable community, rarely you get to see a wristband that does all the work and is also affordable. FUSE is just that rare and pleasant thing that happened.
Equipped with optical heart rate technology, it does not need any strap to measure your heart rate. Moreover, it has been found accurate than most of the top-rated heart rate monitors that utilize chest straps.

Know about Mio FUSE:

Mio FUSEProfessional trainers and athletes consider heart rate training an integral part of workout routine. While it is a parameter to check body’s response in real-time to the intense workouts, it also helps them to prevent any injury that can be caused by improper pacing and excessive training.

Also, the customization of heart rate zone in Mio FUSE allows them to improve the efficacy and efficiency of workout. Mio FUSE makes the tracking of heart rate easy at such times. With no straps to hold back the user, one can use it during intense workouts, cycling and hiking. The LED lights on the band will show you the different heartbeat zones.

Mio FUSE Features:

Mio FUSE features


The Mio FUSE also supports third-party fitness-related apps such as MapMyRide, Endomondo, Wahoo, Strava and many more. These apps extend the functionality of FUSE and let you track your every move. It is sleek and lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear all-day round. It is made of silicone, so it is durable and withstands the test of time to much extent.

It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth over Mio GO app. With this app, you can store and sync your data wirelessly to the smartphone. Not just smartphones, you can transfer the data via Bluetooth and ANT+ to GPS watches and bike computers too.

You can leave the connected device at home and it will automatically sync the data when in range. Offline, it can store up to 2 weeks of activity-related data and 30 hours of workout data.

Mio FUSE is available in two colors and sizes. The Crimson version fit larger wrists size (6.1”-8.2”) whereas Aqua is suitable for smaller and regular wrists (5.9”-7”). It is water-resistant up to 30 meters so swimmers can also make use of it.

The MIO Fuse is available for $149 internationally on Amazon.


This is a smart fitness band that has immense benefits for professional athletes and trainers. For people like you and me, it is just way too ambitious and misses on the small joys like climbing stairs or tracking heartbeat during sleep.

It doesn’t offer heart rate during resting phase too. If you aren’t that concerned about the heartbeat or are more concerned about number of steps taken when you reach out for the refrigerator to get the chilled beer, you may want to give it a skip.


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