Hate too much going on with your smartwatch? Do you long for neat and always looking-fresh minimal dial of your traditional timekeeping unit but cannot imagine what is it to be living without the “smart” functions of your smartwatch? Well, do not fret my friend because névo, the world’s first minimalist connected analogue watch is here. It tells you the time the Swiss way, tracks your fitness and comes with a solar-charge option too! It utilizes ETA’s timekeeping technique, which is known as the most reputed suppliers of the watch industry.

névo is compatible with iOS 7 & up, Android 4.3 and above. It utilizes LE Bluetooth 4.0 for connectivity and alerts you for incoming calls and texts. And to tell you more, it looks pretty but there is indeed more to it. It is simplicity to the core, be its basic approach towards fitness or design. Setting goals on the app is easy and névo manages the rest. It tracks running, swimming and walking. The eleven LED lights on névo dial let you track and analyse your fitness goals. If the dial shows about 7 or 8 lights glowing on the dial, it indicates that you have completed 50% of your fitness goals. If all the 11 lights lighten up, you have killed it. Along with these glowing white LED lights, you have optional color LEDs too. These color lights can be customized to different alerts along with the vibration.

On the smartwatch front, it has Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you stay updated with the incoming calls and texts. With a gentle and silent vibrating alarm, it buzzes you up from your slumber or reminds you of important meetings.

névo has dual-watch batteries and does not need charging ever. While the first battery keeps it juiced up for the first five years, the lasts powers it through for 6 months. The battery is replaceable and if you think that it will be too much of a hassle for you, you can upgrade it to névo solar, which is the first-ever solar-powered connected watch. névo solar run on Sunpartner Technologies Wysisps invisible photovoltaic solution to give you a battery that keeps on charging itself from solar power. And you do not have to tan yourself from all the Sun. It is optimized for charging from indoor lights too. Though, the battery for Swiss watch has limited life of up to 5 years.

névo comes in three versions. The truffle strap and granite case is called the Paris. The Blacksmith case with coffee strap is a tribute to New York whereas blueberry strap with champagne case is an ode to the nightlife and in line with the spirit of Shanghai. Though, you can easily change the strap with the quick-release system you want the névo with. In box, the watch comes with two straps, one is Italian leather and other is durable one which is fit for swimmers and runners.

névo app is simple and when connected, you can leave your phone behind and it will sync the data back when you are in range. It can remember the data for a week.

The IndieGoGo backers will get névo limited edition wallet as well as 60% discount on the retail price. The névo solar model will be start shipping by August 2015.


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