Microsoft Band 3: New reports have emerged saying that the Microsoft Band 3 release date has been delayed.

The device won’t make an appearance this year. ZDNet reports that the company has disbanded the team that was trying to get the Band to run Windows 10. They also reported that there are no chances of releasing the Microsoft Band 3 this year.

Microsoft Band 3: Features, Prices and Rumors:

Microsoft Band 3


The first Band was released in October 2014 for $200, with the Band 2 launching the same month in 2015 for $250. When the publication asked about plans for Band 3, Microsoft official spokesman said: “We continue to invest and innovate in the Microsoft Health platform, which is open to all hardware and apps partners across Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

We also continue to sell Microsoft Band 2 and remain deeply committed to supporting our customers and exploring the wearables space.”

This doesn’t confirm that the Microsoft Band 3 is being permanently abandoned. We are hoping that eventually, the band will come out. Instead, Microsoft has emphasised on the Microsoft Health platform in a statement. Microsoft Health helps iOS, Android and PC users monitor nutrition, sleep quality, exercise, etc. on platforms like Nokia, Apple, Google and others.

But people who had been rooting for the Band 3 need not loose hope. There’s a petition on titled – Do not cancel the Microsoft Band. At the time of writing this, there were 244 supporters and only needs 256 to reach 500.


The petition has been started by Martin Zikmund from Prague, Czech Republic. He writes: Microsoft Band is the perfect match for active people with amazing and unmatched fitness capabilities and world-class support and integration on all mobile and desktop platforms. With a powerful connection to the Microsoft Health platform. Microsoft Band is a truly unique and one-of-a-kind experience for its users.

We think Microsoft Band is a key part of this noble mission. Please, help us be more active, healthy and productive. Do not stop the development of the best fitness device on the market. We love it more than you imagine.


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