Microsoft Band 2: Microsoft’s 2nd generation was released today. The 2nd generation fitness wearable is not only equipped with a range of advanced specifications, but it looks awesome as well. The sleek and curvy design of the wearable is definitely going to steal your heart away.

The first generation wearable was definitely one of the best smartwatches. But it was a bit bulky at the same time. Microsoft has taken the customer review about the first generation wearable very seriously and worked on it. The result is in front of us and we must say that it is very impressive.

Microsoft Band 2:

Microsoft Band 2

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Microsoft Band 2 Specifications:

Microsoft Band 2 Specifications

Microsoft Band, the 1st generation wearable was a bit awkward and weird with sharp edges. This time Microsoft has worked on these features and has made it a lot more sleek and curvy without edges poking out. It definitely has the looks of a premium wearable.

This premium product has both metal and plastic, thereby making it appear all the more chic. The AMOLED display of the product has been optimized so that it fits perfectly in the curvy design of the watch. Moreover, it is being also provided with a Gorilla glass touchscreen. Thereby making it resistant to all sorts of scratches, wear and tears.

Microsoft Band 2 Features:

Microsoft Band 2 Features

Most of the fitness features of the 1st generation wearable have been inherited by Microsoft Band 2.  This included the integrated GPS tracking device to track the users jogging workouts, heart rate monitor, Cortana integration and many more. Along with that users are also going to see guided workouts by experts.

The new feature that has been added in this gadget was barometer sensor. Which will be particularly useful while hiking on different kinds of terrain as will help in measuring the altitude of the place. Inclusion of this feature would mean that the fitness monitor is going to be more precise as height of the terrain is also being taken into consideration.

Another new feature of Band 2 is its ability to analyze your golf practice. It is being said that the new wearable will have the ability to detect when the users is making a perfect shot. What kind of swing the user is practicing as well as the accurate gap between the hole and the tee. The users are also going to get a customized scorecard after each practice session. However, we are not really sure about the accuracy of this app.

The next interesting feature of Microsoft Band 2 is the VO2 max. There will be a sensor in this gadget that will help to measure the maximum amount of oxygen the user is taking in during a workout session. The VO2 measurement is really important for athletes as it is important to understand their body’s fitness. The manufacturers have said that this fitness wearable can measure VO2 accurately and that is why this device is going to particularly useful for those who want to improve their fitness level.

Integration of Cortana, the virtual assistant from Microsoft is another very interesting feature of Band 2. Just in case you have missed a workout session, Cortana is going to keep reminding you. This is especially good for the lazy ones as there will be Cortana to bug them constantly.

This time Microsoft is also partnering with other companies like Facebook, Runkeeper, Uber, Lose it and others so that this fitness wearable becomes all the more useful to the wearers.

Microsoft Band 2: Release Date and Price

Microsoft has kept the price of this product within affordable range. Band 2 comes with a price tag of £199.99, which is exactly the same as last year. So place your order for this useful yet affordable smartwatch right away.

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You can place your pre-order for Band 2 from today itself in Microsoft store. They will start floating in the market from October 30, 2015.


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