At the Microsoft event, the announced a new line of VR headsets for Windows 10 that starts at $299. Taking advantage of Windows 10’s VR and holographic capabilities, Microsoft has partnered with a list of companies – HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, who’ll ship the VR headsets.

Windows 10 Headsets:

Windows 10 Headsets

One of the highlights of Microsoft VR headset is that it’ll be the first to ship with “inside out six degrees of freedom sensors.” This obliterates the need for external cameras or laser systems – the kind found on current Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Microsoft is yet to reveal details about the headset but we are aware that it will be using a technology similar to Oculus’ Santa Cruz prototype. The headset looks similar to Sony’s PlayStation VR that launched earlier this month. As per GameRant,  will be built around the HoloLens framework as “Windows 10 Creators Update” accessories, which basically means that you can use voice commands and hand gestures.

Although the Microsoft’s new VR headset seems like a cheaper alternative to Microsoft HoloLens – that projects virtual objects into the real world and comes at a ridiculously high price of $3,000 – it’s distinct from HoloLens. Since Microsoft also unveiled the Windows 10 Creators Update at the event, you can use the headset to create, share, scan, and print in 3D.

PC World reports that despite the low price may have a big advantage over the current popular VR headsets – to function it doesn’t need separate calibration hardware.


Both Oculus and Vive require multiple emitters on stands to be placed around a room for the positioning to function. “These headsets will be the first and only to ship with inside-out six-degree-of-freedom sensors,” said Microsoft’s Terry Myerson.

“Unlike every other VR headset on the market today, this means there will be zero need for a separate room. Zero need for a complicated setup.”

Additional details regarding the VR headset will be revealed in the future. But it’s likely that it might shake up the VR market a bit.


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