Wearables are leaving footprints in every field. When we have pain reliever wearable, fitness bands and jewelry band, how could the arts be left behind? Here is introducing Soundbrenner Pulse wearable band that is meant for musicians and lets them have the right timing while playing music.

It can be used as a standalone device or with a metronome for better synchronization with your music crew. It can be controlled through the smartphone with the help of the companion app. The app is available for Android (5.o+) and iOS 8.

Metronome Wearable: Soundbrenner Pulse:

Soundbrenner PulseTouted as the first wearable and connected device intended for the musicians, it lets you feel the rhythm and control the tempo. The haptic feedback you get through the device is usually 3-6 times stronger than you get from any smartphone music app or smartwatch. And as a result, you feel the beats naturally without the metronomic dap and click.

It can be connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone. With it, multiple players can sync in to the same beat. Though, they will need different Soundbrenner Pulse device to log in while one smartphone will act as a hub.

The companion app includes features like rhythm exercises and smart music coach. The metronome wearable Soundbrenner Pulse also has multi-link feature which can be used to connect it to the smartphone and control the vibration.

Soundbrenner Pulse Features:

Soundbrenner Pulse Features

The RGB / LED light on the dial doubles up as a visual metronome that emits different light with different beats. You can assign different colors to the beats or simply put it indiscreet, invisible mode. The 1/3rd of the internal part of the device is motor that transmits vibrations more powerfully and distinctively.

It can also be controlled via vibrational metronome, BPM tap and wheel. The white dial is the BPM wheel. As the user taps or spins the wheel, it activates the capacitive touch sensor, which in turn controls the tempo.

Designed for musicians, it can be used across various proficiency levels, whether you are a beginner or professional. The metronome wearable is compatible with every instrument. Depending on your ease, you can choose to wear it on your leg or arm.

This 4.5 cm wearable has water-resistant silicone straps in two lengths. On the whole, the metronome wearable is sweat-proof and shouldn’t be submerged in the water. The expected battery life is said to be about 4-5 hours on standard usage. A micro USB port is used to recharge the device and it takes 1 hour to charge fully.


The wearable comes from the team of musicians based in Berlin, so you know that they know their game. According to the team, over 100 musicians were involved in its development process. Currently, the product is in prototype phase and the estimated shipping delivery date is stated as November 2015. Maximum retail price is not yet announced. The device is suitable for children, men, and women.

The wearable Soundbrenner Pulse can be ordered on Indiegogo at the various package tiers starting from $129 to the combo $5000 for retail. The crowdfunding is yet to be completed with 28 days to go. C’mon people, show some love for music!


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