Meizu H1 Band: For every piece of technological innovation that America churns out, China always has an answer to match. And now the latest launch from Chinese consumer electronics company Meizu takes an aim at the wearable industry that the west has staked a large claim on.

Their latest addition to the wearable fitness tracker market, the recently launched Meizu H1 Band, gives people a lot of reasons to deem it a worthy competitor to established names in the business.

The Meizu H1 Band wearable device packs in all the features that we expect standard fitness tracking wearables to come with. Besides showing wearers information relating to the time of the day, their heart rate, and their step count, the new lightweight H1 Band also helps in in-depth tracking of their sleep.

Meizu H1 Band Fitness Tracker:

Meizu H1 Band Fitness Tracker

This means that if you have it strapped on to your wrist while you’re sleeping, the device will show you an analysis of how many hours of sleep you got. It is also able to analyse your sleeping pattern efficiently by differentiating between light sleep and deep sleep, DigitalTrends reports.

Besides the fitness-related information, the Meizu H1 Band will also come with all the features of a smartwatch and will pair with your phone via an app to let you know about every notification (like incoming calls or text messages) so that you don’t have to chance missing them under any circumstances.


The Meizu H1 Band is also sweatproof and waterproof, so you can work out as much as you like without having to worry about the device malfunctioning.

But while most of the wearable devices on the market come with comparable features, the thing that sets the Meizu H1 Band apart from the rest is its pricing.

The smart wearable was recently made available in China for pre-ordering for the very competitive price of $33. However, it is not certain when Meizu plans to launch the device internationally. This is one of best budget fitness trackers.


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