MOTi, the debutante wearable product from Taipei Company, J-Mex is all set to hit IndieGoGo today. With a guaranteed launch date in July, MOTi is a fitness device that features services for 25 gym-based workouts and activities including sit-ups, squats, bench arm lifts barbell rows and pull-ups. It is a bit ahead from the crowd of wearables and fitness trackers in terms of features. For instance, you can wear it on ankle, bicep and thigh. This screen-less fitness tracker will recognize your workout type and log your reps as well as track the calories burnt. Like GymWatch, it can also record muscle quality. With MOTi, not only you can understand the effect of gym workout on your body but also learn how you can optimize your workout technique for maximum benefit.

Since it is a screen-less device, you will need a companion device to keep a tab on fitness stats. Made of aluminum core, the device has a strap, which can be used to wear it. As soon as you wear it and start exercising, it automatically starts tracking your exercise regime. It also features an LED edge that light up. The unibody design of MOTi is lightweight and “wearable.” The strap is sweat-proof and water-proof. It is very much akin to the wetsuit fabric people wear to the gym for its flexibility and sweat-resistance properties.

According to the company’s spokesperson, the company has product life cycle, from manufacturing to the release in its control and the funds raised on IndieGoGo will be used to research user experience as well as to understand the goals of wearable community. The supplier has been not named yet, though. The device will be available in four colors namely, A Grape Affair, Victoria’s Secret Hot, Shades of Grey and McLaren Flash. Quite innovative, I must say!

Unlike Samung, Fitbit and Jawbone, J-Mex MOTi is aimed at hardcore fitness devotees and not the ones, who would go for a jogging or hit gym once in a week and would start flexing their muscles in front of the mirror. Though, nobody would stop you from purchasing it but the advanced statistics and analysis of fitness regime won’t be of much use for you in such case.

On the software side, MOTi offers quite an interesting purview. The MOTi coach platform and MOTivator app (seems like the MOTi gets its name from motivational and personalized app!) let you compete with friends and offer guidance. You can also push each other to achieve more and increase the exercise time as well as stamina beyond the pain barrier. This can help to create and develop a like-minded and fitness-focused community that can work as a research base to improve the data part and wearable in real-life scenario. With a single tap, you can go to the coach platform to receive personalized guidance on the workouts. The company plans to offer more on the app side in the near future.

J-Mex MOTi on IndieGoGo

J-Mex has initiated the funding rounds on IndieGoGo with $45,000 (£30,000) and has set up a start price of $79 or £50. This price is limited for early birders though. The device, as stated, will be available in July.



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