SleepImage monitors: Every other wearable is tracking sleep as a subset to the fitness regime but here comes a dedicated sleep wearable that is FDA-approved and has clinically-proven background. SleepImage straps on your chest and give you one simple percentage number (Sleep Quality Index or SQI) to understand that how well you slept last night. It is a prosumer device, which means it is available for both healthcare professionals and individual users.

Sleep is not often seen as a health indicator until it is too late. When it does, you need to go through a series of test that can be costly and time-consuming. Even if you are blessed with good sleep, you do not know that if you have been sleeping well and how much sleep do you really need to restore, rejuvenate and repair your body.

SleepImage Monitors:

SleepImage Monitors

If you are experiencing day fatigue or are not feeling refreshed even after 8-hour sleep, this is an indication of some deep-rooted trouble. With SleepImage, you can be alerted for this.

Not just this, it gives you an insight on the changes you should be making to your lifestyle for better sleep and lets you take the control. It provides objective data for your sleep issues before the underlying causes give way to threatening ailments such as sleep apnea, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

This dedicated wearable sleep monitor measures ECG and breathing volume. Moreover, it will also track your body position while sleeping. The snoring will also be measured minute-to-minute. It is based on cardio-pulmonary coupling which monitors the relationship between heartbeat and breathing to display sleep quality.

In a healthy person, the heart rate varies in accordance with the respiration. It is the normal characteristic which is associated with the NREM sleep. Though, if there is a regular disruption due to underlying stress, fatigue and ailment, it is attributed as unstable NREM sleep. SleepImage effectively measures it and simplifies the analysis.

SleepImage Monitors Features:

SleepImage Monitors features

The device generates SleepImage spectrogram in terms of High-Frequency Coupling (HFC), Low-Frequency Coupling (LFC) and Very Low-Frequency Coupling (vLFC). These are stable sleep, wake-sleep and REM sleep respectively.

This data can be presented to doctors for better clinical study of the users’ health. It provides enough data for your doctors to analyze the sleep patterns over time and visualize it with any associated symptoms you might be experiencing.

SleepImage is a disc-shaped wearable that runs on coin-shaped batteries. It is equipped with 3-axis accelerometer to record heartbeat, sleep time, sleeping position and snoring.

The data is uploaded to the patented cloud-based SleepImage website and your doctor can interpret it for you. You need to create an account on the official website, which of course is free of charge. The dashboard is also quite simple.

Availability and SleepImage Price:

As of now SleepImage is a prescription device and can be purchased from any licensed healthcare provider. Though, it will be available online for purchase too in some time. You need to sign up on the website and leave the basic details with the company for the price.

Update: The company executives have confirmed that the wearable SleepImage recorder kit costs about $249. The box will include the sleep recorder, cables, batteries, one set of disposable ECG electrodes and a carry case.

The user-level charges are $99 on a yearly basis. The device is agnostic, which means that a single device can be used by 3 more people in the family though. For additional users, $19 per year charges will be incurred.

 The prescription-level (clinical reports) data will be available for $149 yearly for people who have not signed up for consumer or user-level membership. Those, who have availed consumer membership, can get clinical reports for $50 per person. It is to be noted that since clinical reports are need to be unique. No additional membership is granted on this plan.


We have just been informed that SleepImage is now using the all-new and better metric, percentage of stable sleep instead of Sleep Quality Index (SQI). This metric helps the users with a more accurate, intuitive and easier measurement of their sleep patterns.


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