Light emitting fibers: At Wear Arena, we have talked about shape-shifting bag and shoes that can change design. Taking up this transformation to the next level, here we are talking about the fabric that can change colors.

Light emitting fibers:

Light emitting fibers

Chinese scientists, Peng Huisheng et al have come up with the garment that shines, thanks to the numerous small batteries or cells you have to carry with it. The cells are structured in the form of fiber that can be stitched into a piece of clothing. The scientists carried their work in the Shanghai-based Fudan University and the report was published by Nature Photonics.

These are actually PLEC or polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells that are lightweight and flexible. While the metal wire covered on the cell works as cathode, the carbon nanotube sheet acts as the anode. In between an electroluminescent polymer layer is created that produces light.


PLEC is low on energy consumption and feasible for production on mass level in various colors and fabric texture. By adjusting the brightness ratio, several colors can be produced. Though, it is all on the paper as real-time integrations and developments are still needed.

However, the day cannot be too far away where the ladies won’t be in fix on what to wear. The little black dress could be purple, blue or red and the classy white banker shirt could change colors in case you couldn’t find time to laundry.


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