While most of the watches, wristbands, smart clothing and earbuds are measuring heart rate with or without a chest strap, the LifeBEAM scores brownie points in one aspect that it is very casual in its approach. At the onset, it looks like just any other cap that you would wear while going out for running or jogging. It is very unlike any other wearable that would attract attention or need to be sported separately.

LifeBEAM Smart Hat Monitors:

LifeBEAM Smart Hat Monitors


The smart hat is compatible with various fitness apps like Runtastic, ENDOMONDO and MapMyRun. It also supports devices like SUUNTO, cycling computer and Garmin via ANT+ and Bluetooth. Its dri-fit design ensures sweat-resistant running and all-weather compatibility. Remove the battery from the sides and you can hand wash it. The Velcro strap is one size fits all. Equipped with heart rate sensor and 3-axis accelerometer. It is powered by 100mAh battery that can last for about 17 hours on a single charge.

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The smart LifeBEAM heart was introduced at MWC-2015. It is available internationally (excluding the import https://www.weararena.com/files/duties, charges and taxes) at the special price of US $89. Though, the retail price indicated on the website is $99. A carry-on carbon casing for safe and easy handling of the hat when you are in transition is also up-for-grabs if you order the LifeBEAM smart hat now.


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