Liber8 Technology (Liberate Technology) has come up with an e-ink bracelet that does not need charging at all! Dubbed as tago arc, this is the first product of the Hungary-based startup. There are no cables and no button; this is the simplicity of the technology we are talking about here.

This bracelet is flexible enough to adapt to the wearer’s outfit and mood. The user can download picture and transfer it to the bracelet via tago app. The bracelet inherits its name from the ‘tag-on’, the company’s vision of the future’s technology. The tago comes with the tago frame which is the blend of digital frame and classic black & white images. Users just need to get one frame and they can have access to the other frames as well as different themes. The company’s wants the tago arc to be evolved and developed enough for contact –less payments.

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The last time we talked about a wearable that needs to be charged once a year was here. But this fashion wearable is miles ahead. It is your pass to freedom from wires and everything fussy. While wearable technology is trying to mingle with fashion, tago arc is trying to impress and answering questions that have been spoiling the scope of wearables until now. The awesome wearables that need charging on daily basis, really limit the excitement of using a wearable and the functionality too, don’t you think so? The Hungary startup’s think tank is of opinion that Bluetooth connectivity via NFC is also limiting for the wearables and this is why the bracelet does away with the Bluetooth pairing.

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The bracelet utilizes low-energy NFC, which according to the company is so low power due to e-ink display to make it without charging at all.
Moreover, there are no complicated connectivity controls. The full-surface e-ink display can be controlled via smartphone and you can change the display to the preset patterns and images. If you have followed CES 2015 closely, its aesthetics may remind you of LookSee bracelet, which was showcased at the CES. Though, LookSee need to be charged once a year like Armill. Since it seems to be in direct competition with LookSee, drawing comparisons seems inevitable. The official website does not state much except for ‘arriving soon to Google Play’ and displaying Samsung smartphone on the websites. So, unlike LookSee, which is compatible with iPhones, we are expecting it to be compatible with Android phones.
To manage the Liber8 tago arc, you need to install tago app on your smartphone. The app is laced with a user-friendly and simple picture editor that makes editing and designing of artwork simple and really easy. The company wants to develop a tago community to develop images and grow the themes pattern for the bracelets. Some of the artwork could be free or premium.

Availability and Price of tago arc

According to the website, the technology was founded in the third quarter of 2013. The company is planning to launch its IndieGoGo campaign in February to raise funds for the mass production which is expected to kick by the fourth quarter of 2015. The price is not yet disclosed by the company.


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