Weararena told you here that LG is planning to launch its sophisticated watch, LG Urbane LTE to take on with Apple Watch. Well, at MWC 2015, it was found that it just not plan to compete with the Apple’s debutante entry into wearables on the basis of just looks but also is well-equipped.

LG Urbane LTE:

LG Urbane LTE


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At MWC 2015, the LG smartwatch Urbane was introduced with the twist and called Urbane LTE to offer seamless Internet connectivity. It is capable to sync the data later so, while you won’t be able to completely remove the smartphone from the picture now but can afford to leave it at home sometimes.

It is also capable to translate speech, do voice chats and share the GPS location. The battery is revamped to a powerful 700mAh. Like Apple Watch, the LG smartwatch is also equipped with NFC mobile payments. So, when you are the partner stores, you won’t have to take your phone out and just single-tap your wrist. The three buttons take you to navigation and help you change the settings.

Via Engadget


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