LG Urbane 2, the remarkable handset free smartwatch with cellular capability has taken off from launching in market due to a complex hardware problem. The hardware glitch which catches fire while charging is in battery. Clouds of uncertainties are lightning on its release time and this may cause a permanent full stop on this project.

LG Urbane 2:

LG Urbane 2

Company has not announced anything on why LG put air brake on the sale of its trend breaking smartwatch. Rumours are indicating towards a severe battery problem which causes sudden fire and even burst in some cases at the time of final testing. The situation is critical and it may turn tough for LG to re-launch it for sale during Christmas.

The LG Urbane 2 is designed to work as a standalone device without help of any smartphone. The amazing part of this device is that you can pick up calls and send messages directly from the watch. Urbane 2 is fitted with a SIM slot. Inserting the SIM in that slot enables you to do everything we need a phone for.

Though in the first look LG Urbane 2 may look like a bulky watch, it’s easy to carry and comfortable to go with. There are four colours you can pick your own from- Space Black, Luxe White, Opal Blue and Signature Brown.

This premium watch runs on latest Android and has 480 x 480 P-OLED display resolution with 348ppi that is more than what we expected.
The stainless steel made housing of this smartwatch provides it a premium look and elegant feel.

LG Urbane 2 Features:

LG Urbane 2 Features

Durable elastomer is all around to fit it on your wrist. All three buttons are just on the right bottom corner, where you can take a tour to the “settings” from. A simple push on the crown will let you turn on or turn off the ambient light sensor.

With its distinctive cellular connectivity feature, it has all the modern connectivity like GPS for tracking your workouts and calorie burnt. Wi-Fi connectivity for keeping record of your every points of fitness workouts, and Bluetooth version 4.0 for speedy file transfer.

This smart device is compatible with all networks types- 2G, 3G and LTE etc.
LG Urbane 2 is powered by a Snapdragon 400 processor that clocks at 1.2 GHZ. This brilliantly powered processor is a master of processing.

Feel free from the chain of lagging in multitasking. 768 RAM is optimum to support multitasking while 4 GB onboard storage gives you ample space to save important files or doc. Pick and attach file directly from the watch and send it anyone vis email or apps. 570 mAh lithium-ion battery is more than enough to support all day tasking.

This smartwatch is dust and water-resistant as LG revealed that it was IP67 protected. So if rain catches you during jogging outdoor, feel worry-free as it’s protected from spills. Dust resistance feature let less smudge accumulate on display thus provides better display during workout.


It was expected to come with a price tag of $299 but unfortunately whole line of this LG smartwatch is taken off. Something is really serious there in that device, that’s why LG spurs up to rectify the errors and technical glitch and called a break on sales suddenly. The device is up for pre-order again. With a price tag of $199.99 with a 2-year smartphone deal, or $359.99 without, or $99.99 with the new LG G5 phone.


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