The year 2014 has been very eventful for wearables. The wearable segments, especially smartwatches have been growing very fast. The segment that was started with Google Android Wear has now many entries to be proud of. Here, particularly in the talking is LG G Watch R. This year, the market witnessed the launch of two successful entries from LG that are LG G Watch and LG G Watch R.

Coming fresh off a Cyber Monday sale that saw LG dropping its Android smartwatch price to $80, the Korean Company is preparing for the upcoming release of its round faced watch. Referred to as ‘Life is Good’ and ‘Lucky Goldstar’ in the reports of Business Korea, the watch is said to be laced with 4G capabilities. Though, experts are of opinion that the successor will be named as LG G Watch R2, which sounds logical too.

Expected to make a debut in the upcoming MWC in March 2015, the LG G Watch R2 could be a game changer in some aspects.

Overview of LG G Watch R2

LG G Watch R has been reported to have a successor that will be dubbed as LG G Watch R2 and will be unveiled in Spain, at Mobile World Congress in March, 2015. The news was first published by Business Korea which went on to say that LG G Watch R2 will feature 4G connectivity to take on the likes of Samsung and Apple. As Apple is also set to release its Apple Watch in 2015 that has topped the ‘desired’ wearable list of many, the temperature of smartwear segment is only soaring higher.

If the report’s findings are any indication, then we are in for a faster network support that accommodates large files transfers with ease. Apart from the 4G/ LTE connectivity, there is nothing to write home about the upcoming LG G Watch R2 as of now because it is going to be just a regular rehash of its predecessor, LG G Watch R and nothing new. Though, it is not that the South Korean Company cannot add or refine the existing offering, but 4G is going to take the cake as Samsung too is expected to launch a 4G supported watch by 2015. Also, we are completely clueless over if LG G watch R2 will offer calls over data connectivity or not because till now only Samsung Gear S with an in-built 3G is offering this functionality to the users and that is not too smooth. Even the 3G connectivity is not holistic as it needs to be connected via smartphone initially to respond to calls. Though you can make or receive calls when the paired smartphone is in your pocket or left at home.

Our Expectations

In reality, all we are waiting for is a standalone smartwatch that could take calls or prompt actions on notifications, on its own. To house powerful data connectivity, a strong battery backup is also needed, which will only eat up into the inadequate 4 to 5 hours’ standby time of smartwatches. So, if LG wants to roll out a smartwatch that could compete with the likes of Apple Watch and Samsung Gear S, it not only has to pack in mere 4G connectivity but a good battery backup also without making the watch clunky or heavier.

The Advantage:

Apple Watch supports phone calls and supposed to be compatible with iPhone 5 S and higher models. Samsung Gear S supports only Samsung phones. This leaves users with LG G Watch that is compatible with Android 3.0 or higher versions but will the new model be compatible with all Android-based smartphones or not, is not yet clear. If it is, it may open up new turf for the smartwatches and may attract the fence sitters with the unlimited possibilities.

Release of LG G Watch R2

LG G Watch R was announced this September and released to public in October. The release of sequel may be pushed for the unveiling ceremony at MWC that is starting on March 2, 2015. It sounds alright as Apple Watch will also be available for public about this time. So, we all will have a clear view of the future of wearable tech that lies ahead.

LG G Watch R went on shelves and received a lukewarm response. However, it is not budging the Seoul-based company to launch its successor that most likely will compete with Samsung Gear S and Apple Watch. Will it be able to deliver and fulfill the widening gap between expectations and supply or will it be another expensive gadget to flaunt but with no ‘real’ use?


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