Motorola Moto 360 2 specs, leaked image and rumored release date were the talk of the town until Lenovo Magic View smartwatch came along. Even the Google IO ended without as much as more mention of once Google’s best-selling Android Wear device, which could easily be termed as the most-liked smartwatch that utilized Android Wear the way Google wanted while looking like something that people would love to sport on their wrists.

Lenovo Magic View Smartwatch:

Lenovo Magic View Smartwatch

But now when the rumor mills and leaksters are exceptionally slow and cold, we are left wondering about the fate of next-gen Moto 360. Has Lenovo decided to sabotage it? Or the company wants to create a new line of products based on it, taking the legacy forward? Given that the dual-screen Lenovo Magic View smartwatch lifts design inspiration from the original Moto 360, it could be very well true that the Lenovo Magic View be the new avatar of Motorola smartwatch and the end of Moto 360 brand.

Motorola Moto 360, the original smartwatch was a designer’s dream come true. Other than the black display bar, connectivity options and resolution, there wasn’t anything you could put a finger on. So, when the rumors floated about the next-gen Moto 360, it was very much about getting rid of that nasty black flat tire, poor resolution while introducing 3G data connection, GPS, 360×360 pixel resolution as well as improved battery life. On the design front rumors of a slimmer Moto 360 2, for a unisex appeal, also surfaced.

The ChicagoInnO reports that how the image of successor of Moto watch was found on Bluetooth certification website, implying that the release was imminent but which eventually never happened. Instead, at the Tech World event, we saw Chinese company’s take on wearable dubbed as Magic View smartwatch.

Motorola Moto 360 2 and Lenovo Magic View Smartwatch: Same or Different?

Lenovo Magic View Smartwatch

Moto 360 and Lenovo Magic View’s similarities end on thin bezel and circular design. The latter offers a lot in features department, a lot of which is impractical in the current state. For instance the Virtual Interactive LCD on the strap that promises to bring in full size images when you lift the watch up and close towards eyes (otherwise the images on the second screen look blurry and unclear.)

While the second virtual screen tries to address the small screen problem of smartwatches and projects image about 20xs bigger than the wearables are doing, it messes up with the experience badly.

I surely am not comfortable with squinting eyes, stretching wrist or craning neck to do something for which I can head to a smartphone or tablet. This exact question I have tossed to the Apple Watch 2 that is also rumored to bring FaceTime video camera onboard.

However, as Lenovo Magic View smartwatch is a prototype and practical or impractical, it is too soon to tell. But one thing for sure that in the coming days, there will be lot of speculation regarding the fate of Motorola Moto 360 2 and Lenovo Magic View smartwatch.

Also, Lenovo has to live up to the expectations of creating a smartwatch offering realistic features to be in a position to compete with the likes of next-gen ASUS ZenWatch and Apple Watch. As Lenovo Magic View is not expected to come this year, despite the spocs at the event claiming that there might be many devices on their way to shelves, the year-long product cycle will be followed.


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