Motorola Moto 360’s footprints are highly visible on Lenovo Magic View smartwatch. It is round, for the starters and has a neat interface, something that I hugely admire in Moto 360.

But what makes it different from the acquired brand and the dozens’ of smartwatch makers as well is the hidden second screen. This second rectangular screen is the Virtual Reality of the smartwatches, as the spocs at #LenovoTechWorldConference claimed.

Lenovo Magic View Smartwatch:

Lenovo Magic View Smartwatch


Though as you can see from this video. You need to take the watch close to eyes in order to get the projected image and when we say close, it means that you are almost on the verge of poking your eyes with the watch that too for a very average shot that you can attain with a basic camera viewfinder.

Pocket-Lint also reports that the projected image can be achieved by glancing at a certain angle and nowhere is the same claimed “20 times larger and better than the other smartwatches.” The placement of the second screen is at the first link of the strap and aims to tackle the limited screen size of ordinary smartwatch.

However, one should give credit to Lenovo for the subtle placement of second screen. Users need to swipe through an app to push the second screen into action. The Lenovo smartwatch runs on Google Android Wear and opens up a multitude of possibility. Watching message on the big screen or navigating the GPS on a bigger screen without having to squint your eyes but.

It really is problem to glance at the screen like that in a social setup unless you want to be tagged as weird.

Lenovo Magic View Price:

Lenovo Magic View Price


After acquiring Motorola, it is Lenovo’s first wearable.  By pricing it overboard, it would not like to discredit its viewers. So, expect a price range between $200 and $280. This price range could give Moto 360 users various options to choose from!

Lenovo Magic View Release Date:

Lenovo Magic View release is expected by Q3 this year. By September at IFA, we could hear from the maker.

At the Lenovo Tech World, the Chinese OEM also introduced laser smartphone. Giving away its intention and desperation to make it big. Lenovo is already selling the biggest number of PCs across the world but the desire to move on to new market segment is made clearer.


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