In the world of wearables, rarely do we see an entry that is associated with the greater good and see things beyond fitness, heart monitoring or sleep pattern. Such a wearable that will help millions of people across the world to put an end to the smoking habit is SmartStop.

Despite flashing warning on the packets in bold and atrocious way, cigarette becomes irresistible to many. As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cigarette smoking results in more than 400,000 deaths every year and hundreds of cases of lung cancers. The data represents the casualties occurred in the U.S. alone and results in healthcare cost of over 190 billion. The report of center also suggests that about 45 million people want to quit smoking but fail to resist nicotine craving despite having nicotine cessation products to their aid.

So far, the nicotine cessation products available for addicts are nicotine patches and chewing gums. Utilizing nicotine replacement therapy, these products provide nicotine to the body other than the means of tobacco. However, these have not proved to be highly effective as these fail to associate the cravings with behavior. For instance, a smoker may not need same nicotine supply throughout the day. For some, the withdrawal symptoms kick in more strongly after meals or before a crucial meeting but the nicotine supply provided by currently available products has always been the same or slow as in the case with nicotine patch or sudden and strong like in chewing gums. However, with SmokeStop, we have programmable nicotine therapy products that will provide customized dose of nicotine to the body in accordance with the smoking behavior of the patient and thereby, providing effective way to cut healthcare costs and save million lives.

SmartStop has two components that comprise a lightweight reusable base and nicotine cartridges that can be replaced. The nicotine cartridges provide transdermal therapy and are disposable. The base can be worn as a wristband or skin patch on stomach or arm.

Chrono Therapeutics has also stated that an average smoker try to quit the habit for about 10 times in his lifetime. According to a research, the success rate of currently available NRT products is about 10 percent but with SmartStop the success chances increases to 50%.

Conceptualized by Chrono Therapeutics and marketed by Sagentia, SmartStop’s nicotine replacement system will analyze the times when a smoker can give in to the temptation of smoking a cigarette. After this, the wearable band will release nicotine in the body just at the right time to ease the withdrawal symptoms. The anti-smoking wearable band is in final phase and the company is preparing for the release. If it sees the light of day, it will be world’s first programmable nicotine delivery system that works effectively too. The device is lightweight and should be used 24/7 to encounter the withdrawal effectively. The company has garnered $34 million in the first series of investment and now is doing clinical studies for further development of the product.

The likes of Mayo clinic, Fountain Healthcare Partners and GE Ventures participated in this funding initiated by Canaan Partners and 5AM Ventures. The patents for device are underway in Europe and the U.S. FDA approvals are also in the process. Since the company wants to make the device available for all, hopefully its price will be at par with the rest of smoking cessation products available in the market currently.

It utilizes Bluetooth and can connect to smartphone as well as tablet. The profile and input saved by the user becomes the criteria of nicotine supply. Although, manually adjustments can also be made to provide tailored dosage as per your need if you feel that device has failed to recognize the smoking pattern. If you are able to let go off the hook gradually, you can decrease the dosage capacity to lead a nicotine-free living. The entire manual system is guided and you receive step-by-step instructions for adjusting the dosage. The wearable also sends reminders and offers you incentive on accomplishment.

Moreover, you receive encouraging message to keep the fight against smoking on and get connected with fellow quitters. While providing you with the customized nicotine dosage, SmartStop also offers you the digital support and real-time guidance to keep going, The wearable connects you with an app that bids you valuable advice to not to fall again for smoking and continue with the non-smoking living.

As it has been researched that nicotine cravings are usually cyclic and come back, the motivation and reassurance part provide digital behavioral aid to the users and encourage them to be more compliant with the therapy.

Sagentia has taken over the command of SmartStop in its hand. From concept to the design, the development of electromechanical microfluidic system and control of nicotine pump, Sagentia is looking after both the input and output. The company is currently focuses on making the device minimalistic yet comprehensive wearable that can be offered at a reasonable price point.

If the device becomes available, it will be the perfect technology to provide behavioral as well as motivational support to nicotine addicts when it is most needed. The transdermal nicotine dosage will help users to overcome peak smoking episodes without letting them experience severe withdrawal symptoms that prompt smokers to leave half way between and return to addiction. Let us hope this compelling technology hit the shelves soon and save million lives as well as healthcare costs.


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