After giving you smart caps, wearable banana and smart clothing, the wearable tech takes your whiskey bottle, stirs it and gives you a heady mix of tech and booze.

The latest to feel the “connect” with the technology is Diageo’s classic Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey. The prototype of Blue Label whiskey was showcased at MWC 2015, which was equipped with some wafer-thin sensors. These sensors will carry digital information on the bottle regarding logistics and delivery.

Johnnie Walker: Smart Whiskey Bottle

Johnnie Walker

The sensors tags will help the manufacturers to know if the bottle is still in the supply chain or is opened by the customer. In the latter case, this will allow the company to upload some new cocktail recipes instead of the usual information we see on the label.

If the bottle is still at shop waiting to be picked. It can help the company to display some new promotional offers on the bottle. The customers would need to scan the bottle from the smartphone, in order to enable the company to send or change the relevant information.

A result of the collaboration of Diageo Technology Ventures and ThinFilm. This smart bottle utilizes non-patented OpenSense technology of the latter. Which makes use of the connected smartphone’s NFC. The sensors and tags remain readable even when the seal has been broken.

At times, when you aren’t sure if the bottle comes from the brand it claims to be. This sensor can help you to verify the authenticity as well. Since these sensor tags aren’t the basic sensors, these are easy to read and scan.

The entire process of sensor integration and scanning is automated and highly secure. So, rest assured that the label cannot be copied, let alone electronically modified.


It is not wearable per se but it is going to make an impact in your day-to-day life when it is out as the maker would be able to track the bottle to the point of consumption and influence how you make the purchase or even consume it.

Thinfilm and Diageo’s smart bottle looks like a beginning to new-age user experience. Having said that, let us also brace ourselves for a technology onslaught in the beverage industry. The smart bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey is in prototype phase and has a long way to go. Too bad that it isn’t due for at least three years from now!


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