Jawbone is touting its latest fitness tracker flagship , UP3 as “the world’s most advanced fitness tracker” and rightly so. Taking the cues from the previous designs of UP wristbands and apart from being just a pedometer or accelerometer, it packs in the punch of new sensors that monitor temperature and heart rate.


Unlike optical heart rate sensors deployed by smartwear devices, the UP3 Jawbone utilizes conductive pads that are skin-friendly and remain in touch with the user’s skin. Please note that Apple Watch also makes use of the conductive pads as connecting link between the skin and device. The UP3 wrist smartwear device also features bio-impedance sensor package that measures resting heart rate along with hydration level. So, next time when you are dehydrated and fatigued, this fitness band will let you know. Apart from this, galvanic skin response is also done by the fitness band.

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The wristband is adept to measure ambient and skin temperature as well as biometric patterns. UP3 Jawbone also marks the comeback of Smart Coach and gives you more customized fitness tips. Based on algorithms, the raw sensor data gives you easy tracking of calories burned. The smartwear alerts you when it is left in idle mode and also tracks your sleep pattern. The device can last for about one week on a single charge. The single vibration alarm is ideal for times when you do not want to be disturbed.

The sensors are inside the band and on the outside; you get a classy and stylish device that is capable to record the data even when it is loosely connected to you. Better than the predecessor UP24 in terms of looks and flexibility, it’s on the right track. It comes in a variety of color option and designs. It can connect to your smartphone via NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

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More importantly, the UP3 platform is open for developers to try new and intuitive people to make the wearable more beneficial for users such as working alongside to indicate people that they are in stress and that they need to listen to their favorite song!

Availability and Price of  Jawbone UP3

Jawbone UP 3 is available for purchase for $180 and the estimated shipping window is 10-11 weeks.


Take a look at the smartwear devices available in the market. Most of them are clunky, big and monitoring the heartbeat in a sluggish manner. The battery life of such devices is also disappointing. Thankfully, Jawbone UP3 band is different and does away with such shortcoming of its previous counterparts. It is small, compact and lightweight. Based on the company’s approach of making heartbeat an important part of health tracking, this smartwear gadget can monitor passive heart rate too without having the need to change the modes.

Bioimpedance: The Smarter Way to Monitor Heart Rate

The device deploys Bioimpedance technology to measure accurate heart rate without eating up the battery life. Usually, optical sensors that send light through the skin are used by the smartwear devices to monitor heart rate. But in order to achieve this they need larger surface area and battery power and this is why, you have clunky wrist smartwear and low battery life in this category.

Very similar to the concept of monitoring heartbeat on a treadmill, Jawbone UP3 band deploys a new and innovative sensor platform based on Bioimpedance technology that captures physiological signals in the form of resistance shown by body tissues against minute electric currents passed through the body.

Bioimpedance technology helps Jawbone UP3 band to be a class apart device from its counterparts. It is an updateable platform and the company has confirmed the roll out of over-the-air updates in a few months from now.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Jawbone UP3 takes the monitoring of heart health to a completely new level. Based on the three categories, heartbeat during activity, resting and random heart rate throughout the day, the band measures heart beat very systemically and in the years to come, it may contribute to a great extent to alert people of underlying causes of unexplained fatigue or symptoms and seek timely medical assistance.

Understanding that a person’s heart rate during the day can be influenced by several factors, such as watching a movie or a cup of coffee, the flagship wrist device from Jawbone focuses on heart rate during the resting phase. Usually, people do not track resting heart beat that could be an extremely important factor to improve cardiac health. So, being able to measure resting heart rate also makes Jawbone UP3, its company’s most advanced fitness band till date.

Moreover, this Californian Company has blogged to confirm the release of ‘passive’ and ‘on-demand’ heart rate in some time that will facilitate you to see and track heartbeat at any time of the day.

There is more to it!

Other than the heart rate, Jawbone UP3 band also monitors REM and deep sleep stages that let you know if you have been sleeping well or not. Times when you woke up in the night, deep sleep, light sleep, REM and time you were awake for, all of this data is calculated on the basis of algorithm. It also combines the data related to heartbeat with workout algorithms to track the number of calories burned.

Like its predecessors, it stays screen-free and slim. It is also light and thus, you can wear it 24 / 7. Since it is also based on data collected by the device, its Smart Coach is even smarter. It brings you personalized inputs to deliver a fruitful regimen and optimize your health in a better way than its siblings’. It tells you if you are dehydrated and need to drink water after a hard game at the basketball court. The Smart Coach system will also send you the signal to go to bed early if you had woken up earlier. It is water-resistant up to 10 meters. It features Auto-Sync Activity classification that detects your activity without the need of going through the modes manually.

Jawbone has always been data-oriented. Blending in data with fitness is something that makes it the pioneer in the arena of wearable devices. Building a data empire by keeping the record of minute-per-minute activities of million people across the world, it might be able to establish a health empire which Apple and Samsung can only imagine. Now, when it is out with the innovative technology and better data collecting mode, I guess, it is the must-have for people who are health-conscious.


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