Jawbone has showcased a new fitness tracker. The tracker is called Jawbone MOVE. In the past, Jawbone unveiled Up 24 wristband. Jawbone MOVE shares the sensors of Up 24. The tracker is worth $50. Users can wear it in clip-on manner or as a wristband form.

The device is called Jawbone UP MOVE because it runs on Jawbone’s UP app. Right after its unveiling, analysts started calling it as a Misfit Shine clone. Misfit Shine costs $80. UP MOVE has been labelled as a less expensive alternative to Misfit Shine by some industry observers. Like Misfit Shine, UP MOVE keeps tab on different activities like number of steps, calories burned, and monitor your sleep.

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It’s not UP MOVE is a copycat. It does have its some exclusive characteristics. The device is made from a “nylon-like anodized aluminium”, which we’ve whacked in speech marks because we’re not sure we should be throwing terms like “nylon-like” around willy-nilly. Industry sources are increasingly using the term under quote because they aren’t sure whether the term “nylon like” is legit.

What they are sure about is UP MOVE come in five different colors. These colors are ruby rose, slate rose, black, grape and blue). Each model has a corresponding clip. Even if you buy hypoallergenic wristbands housing UP MOVE unit, the color options will be available.

UP MOVE comes with a built in accelerometer. The accelerometer steps tracks and similar activities. It also tracks sleep. Another step-tracking device from Misfit called Flash. The device offers a read-out from LED lights on the face of the tracker. If a user taps once, he’ll get the steps count. Tapping twice will show him the time and tapping three times will show him how much he slept at night.

The UP app from Jawbone is adds for the new Smart Coach function to MOVE. Jawbone UP 3 has this in offer. The benefit of Smart Coach is that it helps users with meaning real-time encouragement and personalised goal advice.

The good thing about UP MOVE is that although it’s built out of anodized aluminum, when put in the hand, it feels just like plastic. It’s slightly fatter than Misfit branded gadgets. It’s quite small and you could comfortably drop it into your pocket and keep it that way. UP MOVE sports wireless Bluetooth low-energy synchronization like Up 24 (Amazon Discount Link), which was released in 2013.

A watch battery is inside of UP MOVE and as Jawbone has claimed, it could last for up to six months. The device is resistant to water. The watch in UP MOVE is its only button. The device can be worn in plenty of ways; other than putting it into your pocket, you can clasp it onto your T-Shirt with clip or you can wear it in your wrist with a wrist strap.

Up Move is available for pre-order currently. Shortly, it will be available on Amazon, Apple stores, Best Buy and Target. Jawbone will reportedly sell the device in batch packages. The buyers for batch packages will be families and groups. How much it will be priced then, isn’t known now.

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