Jabra brings you wireless earbuds that double up as heart rate monitor. Jabra is the leading earphone manufacturer and is known for providing technology that is not banal and instead, redefine wearables. Likewise, the latest offering from this Denmark Company blends biometric in-ear sensor for heart rate monitoring while doing the usual, which is letting you listen to your favorite music.
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Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds understand that most of people love to listen to music during exercise but also are concerned about the fitness metrics.
This next-generation wireless earbud from Jabra comes across as one-stop training solution. Equipped with Jabra Sport Life app, it features Dolby sound, personalized and real-time audio coaching to help you utilize the most of your workout time. This dedicated exercise app is compatible with Android and iOS platform. Apart from the impressive technology, the Sport Pulse is designed to take the beating. It is weatherproof, sweat-resistant and features wind noise reduction. The housing and cables are strengthened enough to give you company on a rainy day or a dusty evening. Jabra Sports Pulse is lightweight and weighs about 0.56oz. The ear gels come in three sizes, large, medium and small.
The earbuds are rated IP55 for water-resistance, dust-resistance and drop-resistance. The earphones are military-standard tested for humidity and temperature. The dimensions of the buds are H 5 x W 2.4 x D 2.5 cm.
Along with heart rate sensor, the earbuds feature Optical Sensor and Triaxial Acceleration sensor. This is not the first endeavor to build headphones engineered to accompany you on training. Livv and FreeWavz headphones are designed with keeping fitness metrics in mind comprising heart rate, distance covered, duration of the exercise, calories burnt and Oxygen saturation.  The same concept for headphone was showcased this year by LG at CE too.
Jabra though is a leading name and utilizes its expertise to create carbon-fiber encased earbuds that connect via Bluetooth. A black wire sits on the neck. The Sport Life app lets you evaluate, track and plan your workout for the maximum benefit.

Moreover, you can gain valuable insights to optimize your workout and set personal goals to get desired output in terms of calories burnt, distance covered and so on. You can also adjust training zones for heart rate performance. This app also lets you test your fitness level. Aerobic levels can be tested via VO2 max. By tracking resting heart rate, you can reduce the risk of overtraining.
According to the company, the output and results shown by the company is 99.2% accurate vis-à-vis with ECG machine.
Well, when it comes to the music, there is no stopping to Jabra Sport Pulse as the earbuds deliver world-class music wirelessly. That’s the best part, is not it? Why should wires control you when all you are trying is to get fit? The inline controls let you play or pause music, shuffle and skip as well as control music. You can also take calls via these controls.
With the help of Jabra Sound app, you can create playlist and share music. You can also optimize graphic equalizer as well as add full sound to the YouTube playlist. Thanks to the Audio Response Science technology, it is ultra-secure and lightweight. Since it packs in heart-rate monitor, you do not have to carry a load of fitness devices with you on training.
The battery lasts up to 240 hours that is standby time of 10 hours. The talk time and music time is about 5 hours. The earbuds can be charged via USB slot too.
The Jabra Sport Pulse is available for purchase on Amazon at $199.99. Users in Australia can purchase it for AU$249.
Jabra Sport Pulse wireless earbuds are receiving rave reviews and this pave quite a promising way for the innovative wearables in the times to come.


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