At MWC-2015, Kairos stole the show by introducing the world’s first and only mechanical smartwatch hybrid. Touted as the smartwatch that bridges the gap between fashion and technology, Kairos tries to attempt what most of smartwatch makers and traditional timepiece manufacturers couldn’t do.

A startup of 100 people brings you a smartwatch that is the better of two worlds and brings you Kairos. Which is Greek word and means the right moment. The watch is available in two different models namely MSW 115 (equipped with a Miyota Japanese Movement) and SSW 158 (comes with a certified SWISS Movement from SOPROD.)


Kairos MSW115

The gold-plated and chrome versions are available in both models and at various price points.

The smartwatch is T-OLED RGB full color and its screen comes with 40% transparency. The other version has ICON-type transparent display and 60% transparency. Equipped with sensors like touch sensor, 3 axis accelerometer w/ gesture detection, gyroscope, it notifies you for incoming calls and messages.

Kairos MSW115 Features:

Kairos MSW115 Features

It gives you push notifications for your favorite apps like Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. You can also integrate more apps. Powered by Arm Cortex M4 or Intel’s TBD; it is based on the in-house Kairos OS, which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS. Since the mechanical watch doesn’t draw any energy from the 1800mAh. The battery life is expected to last about 5 to 7 days.

It also doubles up as a remote control and enables you to take camera shots, control music or send pre-set messages while driving. On the fitness front, it doubles up as a step counter, calorie tracker and time tracker, which monitors the time you were active for.

The watch front brings you GPS-enabled automatic world-time display, elapsed time counter and STOP watch.  It also offers multi-lingual support.

The watch is available for pre-order on special discounted prices. The gold/all-black and chrome color choices are available. Users will also get a choice of 1 leather/ PVC band on pre-ordering.


MSW115 Chrome and Gold is available for $549 and $699 respectively whereas SSW158 Chrome and Gold is available for $1039 and $1249.  The estimated shipping delivery for the former set is mentioned as Winter 2014/2015 and the latter as Spring 2014/2015. Customers also have an option of upgrade starting from $99.

At the very onset, Kairos seems too good to be true. The perfect blend of stylish looks and intricate technology looks good on paper. However, since we have not tried our hands on it, let’s cut it some slack and wait for it to deliver what it promises.


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