IoT MOTI: The device will keep a track of your progress and you can see it happening via the companion app or on its face. The device can be placed anywhere but it has to be visible. The key is to remain in sight so that you are reminded of the task every time you see it.

Be it desktop, TV display or nearby the key stand where you drop the keys when you return home. You have to make sure that you see it so that it keeps you gently haunting to go and achieve your goals, whatever it takes.



Takin cues from behavioral science, the device reminds, rewards and helps you to form a habit. Most of its body comprises a big white light that also emits sound and vibrations in different patterns, depending on the progress you make. For instance, if you push a button when you drink two glasses of water and when you drink six of them, the lights and sound will be different.

Since the device is pushed at every progress, the motivation stays with you and the zeal to excel and complete the goals comes from within.

IoT MOTI Features:

IoT: MOTI Features

It is available in three different versions; one is egg-shaped, one is with small Smurfs-like ears and one is a little wide.  From the videos we see on the website, working and interacting with MOTI seems real fun and engaging.  It becomes motivation and a reward of the sorts to accomplish those tasks of drinking water regularly or getting to bed early. And in the return, seeing someone chirping for you, my friend, is an amazing feeling.


The desktop device MOTI is in prototype phase but the team is inviting application for the second batch wherein you need to cover the basic production costs of $65 as well as fill a form on the website to tell them why you would be the right choice as a Beta participant? If you clear this and if at all the second round happens. You will also get a free MOTI when it launches publicly.  Stay tuned to know the exact MOTI release date and price.

MOTI isn’t wearable and if you are wondering where you heard about a wearable with similar name but with a small case ‘I’, it was here.


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