Intel Acquires Recon: Wearables are keeping Intel busy these days. Sometimes it’s the platform or the chip to build wearables on such as Intel Curie Module or the quest to takeover wearable makers. In the recent news, Intel has acquired Recon Instruments, which was an Intel Capital portfolio company.

It is a well-known fact that Intel had interest in Google’s rival, Recon Instruments and it had invested in as well to support sales expansion, marketing and product development. Recon is also behind the launch of Recon Jet, world’s first consumer Heads-up Display unit (HUD) for high-intensity fields and sports.

Intel Acquires Recon:

Intel Acquires Recon

Now when the acquisition is completed, Intel has the power of an expert wearable computing team that could help propel its wearable dreams regarding head-mounted technology and related products. Recon will also be the driving force behind the development of smart device platforms.

Intel has also partnered with Google and TAG Heuer to launch an Android Wear smartwatch powered by Swiss brand and using Intel technology. The company has roped in Luxottica Group and its Oakley series to bring in smart eyewear products.


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