The Mountain View based tech company iHealth Lab has showcased its newest toy, a connected-self device called iHealth Edge activity tracker. The tracking device is currently going on sale in United States.

Earlier, the company unveiled wireless blood pressure monitor and wireless smart scales. The blood pressure monitor sold at a price of €100 and the smart scales HS3 and HS5 were priced at £60 and £100 respectively.

iHealth has assigned a fascinating slogan to describe the newly unveiled fitness tracker. The slogan is “Take your fitness to the edge and beyond with this activity + sleep tracker.” The device can be purchased from the official site of iHealth. There is an option to add the fitness tracker to cart in case you want to buy it on a later date.

The good thing about iHealth Edge activity tracker is that it can tap into the existing platform. The iHealth MyVitals 2.0 app has both Android and iOS versions and it is at the front-line of the new activity tracker’s setup.

As for the functionality of the device, it records some of the regular activities like distances, calories, steps and sleep. All the information that the tracker receives are offered to users real-time. Users just need to snap his wrist. There’s workout view for users which gives them an overview of all the activities that are being recorded. In simple words, users don’t need to take out their Smart devices. They could check everything simply by flicking their wrists.

On the official page of iHealth Edge, its functions are described as “No matter what your fitness level is, get motivated to step up your daily activity goals with the Edge tracker that can be worn on your wrist like a watch or on your hip with the clip.”

The good thing about iHealth Edge is that everything is automatic. Even a user’s sleep will be tracked automatically. Users themselves don’t need to select activities or even tell the Edge when it is the time for going to sleep. Since water-resistant, iHealth Edge can be worn while taking a dive into a pool. Its buttonless design makes it usable 50m down the water.

The device has similarities with Misfit Shine. Just like Shine, users can wear iHealth Edge on the wrist. The device has dual-mode meaning users can have it clipped onto their clothing if in case they don’t want to place it in a band. The device can function 24/7 and it can sync with other apps so your health status could be monitored more efficiently.

Jim Taschetta, the CMO and head of iHealth Lab retail sales said “We are excited to add the iHealth Edge to our world-class family of mobile health devices.” He added that the mission of iHealth Lab is to empower people by providing health related tools that are simple yet powerful, so they could have a healthy life.

Devices like iHealth Edge is the latest trend. Top device makers like Samsung, Sony and LG are all launching wearable devices. Apple is strongly anticipated to introduce iWatch this year.

In such a prolific market, iHealth Edge is expected to garner profit.

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