iBlinds: You wake up late because the darkness of your room prompted to sleep you more. Even if you wake up on time, you need to switch on artificial light before opening the blinds to let the sun enter.

And if you forget to close those blinds again, you enter a fiery furnace in evening instead of the place which you called home until morning. If you are on a vacation, you just keep on imagining things that you left a blind open. Not to mention the ‘window of opportunity’ you give the burglars when they detect your blinds are closed for quite some time.

Home Blinds Smarter:


Home Blinds Smarter

Yes, you can find some “automated” devices online and offline but operating them is a hassle. We can turn on the thermostat and light bulbs but first you need to find your smartphone to do that. You need to wait until it gets connected via an app.

The complexity is immense and so is the gap between the need and reality. What is the use of technology if it could not give you some comfort, convenience and ease of usage when you seek these most? When it comes to the concept of automated home, we are still far from one.

Thankfully, iBlind is the kind of step that might take us miles closer to the smart home. You don’t need the expertise level of a rocket scientist to figure out how it works. iBlind is a control kit for the blinds and lets you automate any two-inch Venetian horizontal blinds.

You can adjust them for summer and winter as well as set a time when you want them to open or close. The connecting free app lets you control the blinds from anywhere in the world. The kit runs on lithium rechargeable battery and you can recharge it via USB adapter or solar panel.

Installation of iBlinds:

Installation of iBlindsYou don’t need special tools to make existing blinds smart. You just take the tilt rod out and fix the kit with Z-wave there. It is to be noted that Z-wave is a wireless technology and can be paired with any device such as door lock or window to make it smart.

The connecting Z-wave app is compatible with iOS and Android OS. Special adapters are available for all tilt rod sizes.

iBlinds cater to the perpetual problem of landlords and owners. These reduce the energy bills while making the ambience more comfortable and secure. As you control the amount of heat and light entering into your house, you save on radiation and air conditioning bills considerably.

Additionally, you can set the blinds to the sunrise time so that you wake up gently and not to the annoying noise of alarm. Since you can use this blinds control kit with the existing blinds at home, you save money on automation from scratch.

Availability and Price of iBlinds:

The iBlinds are on Kickstarter and you can back the project here.


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