Hubsan X4 (H107L): When purchasing a newbie quadcopter, you wish to focus on a version that offers great flight time control, descent air travel time, and also ideally, an easy-to-use transmitter with various air travel modes.

Well, that’s specifically what the Hubsan X4 H107L provides. Although it’s reasonably little (concerning 28 grams without the battery), it packs rather a strike. As a matter of fact, the X4 is barely bigger compared to a smartphone, yet, it’s able to offer unlimited hours of fun. In this Hubsan X4 H107L review, you’re going to learn just how. Let’s start!

Hubsan X4 (H107L) Review:

Hubsan X4 (H107L) review

Design of the Quadcopter

Let’s start this Hubsan X4 H107L review speaking about the drone’s design and dimension. The very first point you’ll realize regarding the H107L is its small dimension. The quadcopter isn’t a lot bigger than a smartphone, as well as evaluates regarding 28 grams without the battery As a result of its light-weight, it has a tendency of getting tossed around by the wind, so attempt to fly it outdoors when climate condition are optimum.

Inside home, the X4 flies very fast and also offers user-friendly controls that also complete newbies can be used to swiftly. The quadcopter’s streamlined design is accompanied by an all-black layer with a set of white streaks along both sides of the body. Similar to the H107C, the H107L has small rubber feet made to soak up landings. Let’s carry on in this Hubsan X4 H107L review to talk about the drone’s battery.

Hubsan X4: Battery and Charging Time

Hubsan X4 Battery and Charging Time

The X4 is powered by a 3.7 V 240mAh lithium polymer battery. When totally charged, expect a flight time of concerning 9 minutes. Keep in mind that 9 mins is just an average- your true air travel time depends upon just how and in which mode you fly your quadcopter, in addition to whether you’re flying in the wind.

Let’s not forget to discuss in this Hubsan X4 H107L review that charging the battery to its maximum storage capacity takes around 40 minutes. Taking into consideration that the air travel time for the drone isn’t that long, I would suggest purchasing extra batteries. They do not cost that considerably, and also could prolong your air travel sessions 3- or four-fold

In The Box

In this part of our Hubsan X4 H107L review. We’re going to briefly talk about exactly what can be found in the box with the drone. With your buy, you’ll receive the following:

Transmitter: The drone’s controller is fairly universal in the feeling that it has 4-channels and also operates a 2.4 GHz clock speed. We’ll cover the transmitter a little bit more in-depth later on in this review.

Extra Propellers: Even the most experienced flyers lose or crack props- you cannot prevent it when flying drones. Fortunately, extra propellers come in the box, as well as can quickly & conveniently be set up instead of old ones. They’re likewise color-coded, which makes the setup process less confusing.

USB Cable for Charging: Link the drone’s rechargeable battery to a computer system or laptop computer by means of the USB cable to charge it back up to optimum capability. Recharging takes around 40 minutes when the battery’s entirely dead.

Since you know just what comes in the box, allow’s proceed in this Hubsan X4 H107L review to speak about the drone’s transmitter.

The X4’s transmitter looks like a changed PS3 controller with style! It features two joysticks (ideal & left), an LCD display (offers important trip diagnostics), trim switches (to neutralize wandering), air travel method switches (for increasing/decreasing transmitter level of sensitivity), as well as of course, a power button (for turning transmitter off/on). Let’s not forget in this Hubsan X4 H107L review that the transmitter is really ergonomic, and will fit well in your hands. Some controllers can be awkwardly-shaped, resulting in aching hands/thumbs. Nevertheless, this isn’t the cause with the X4’s transmitter. As for transmitter signal distance is worried, you’ll have the ability to fly the X4 up to 30 meters away.

Hubsan X4 H107L’s Anti Flip Mode:

Hubsan X4 H107L’s Anti Flip Mode

No Hubsan X4 H107L review would certainly be total without covering the quadcopter’s famous Anti-Flip Mode. Exactly what’s the purpose of this flight mode? As its name suggests, it avoids you from carrying out single-button turns with your quadcopter. Keep in mind that anti-flip mode could be switched on ONLY when you’re flying on “Specialist Method” (a certain trip mode that you can adjust on your transmitter). Otherwise, the attribute does nothing. Click on this link to look into some video footage of the X4 flying with anti-flip mode triggered.

Verdict on Hubsan x4 H107L

Hubsan X4 H107L’s Anti Flip Mode

We’re going to put a full stop on our Hubsan X4 H107L review by discussing the drone’s performance and flying capacities. In other words, this point is fast. Not just is it quick, however, it’s also extremely agile, responsive, and also manoeuvrable. If you’re looking for a quick, acrobatic quadcopter at an inexpensive cost, then this is definitely a leading prospect to think about. If I had to describe the drone’s performance in one word, it would be “smooth“. When press the appropriate joystick in specific instructions, the drone will effortlessly fly there.

Whether or not this is the ideal drone for you depends upon just what you desire a drone for. It doesn’t have a camera (The Hubsan x4 H107C design does have a cam) as well as its little dimension imposes various other limits on it as well. The battery life is very short, as well as it’s not efficient in flying to greater altitudes that bigger drones could get to.

If you merely want to have some fun- and also perhaps master how you can make things to acrobatic turns- this is an outstanding drone for less compared to $50.

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