The smartwatch wearable market has seen a significant drop in sale in quarter 3 2016 dropping by 51.6% compared to last years sale units.  In Q3 of 2015, about 5.6 million smartwatch units were shipping and the number has come down to about just 2.7 million this year which has turned to be a massive nosedive.

In lieu of this, there has been certain ongoing changes in the smartwatch market with many companies pulling out of the race and some joining the race as well.

Huawei Launches Fit- Waterproof Smartwatch:

Huawei launches Fit- Waterproof


Smartphone makers Huawei have recently unveiled its plans to roll out their latest product, a smartwatch they are calling the Huawei Fit according to a source.

Huawei’s plans for a latest smartwatch was unheard of previously but now that they have surfaced, it seems that the wearable from the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturing company might just be ready to hit markets in a few month’s time.

The Huawei Fit bears a very strong physical resemblance to the o the Pebble Time Round and even has an e-ink or e-paper round face like the Pebble wearable. by the looks of it, seems the smartwatch seems to be made out of metal, while its band is made out of silicone.

Based on the info provided by the watchfaces on this smartwatch, the Huawei Fit will sport a heartrate monitor and a pedometer. Recent rumours pertaining to the fact that Huawei has been planning to ditch Android OS and shift to Tizen or their own homegrown OS might just come into play as we might see the Huawei Fit feature either of them.


The leaked images show the watch with black, orange, and blue straps. Huawei is expected to launch the Mate 9 smartphone on November 3, perhaps the wearable will launch that same day as well but the possibility of that right now is quite low.


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