The name is HTC Grip and not HTC Petra, as it was rumored. The HTC Grip will track the distance covered and your speed in the units of mile, minute and rep.  From cycling to gym workout and running, it pushes you for higher goals and rewards you when you accomplish them.

You can also post your achievements on social media and ask your friends to join in.  It also measures sleep patterns and help you to develop sound sleep habits. On its own, it is semi-independent.

HTC Grip:

HTC Grip FeaturesWhile it cannot replace your smartphone, its integrated GPS can give you needed insights to track the metrics and sync it back to smartphone when it detects home network. The HTC Grip can control the playback and receive notifications for the incoming text or call.  You can also respond to the message via text.


As we updated earlier that the CES 2015 saw HTC collaborating with Under Armour, its collaboration with the Under Armour Record app does not come as surprising.  It is compatible with iOS and Apple.

HTC Grip Features:

HTC Grip


It has IP57 rating which means that it can stay in 1 meter underwater for 30 meters.  The contoured soft plastic makes for easy wear-ability. The battery life is up to 5 hour with GPS.  For non-sport usage, it can last about 2. 5 days. The Grip is equipped with Sensor Hub, G Sensor, compass and Gyrometer.

It does not have a heart rate monitor, something that has become a USP of wrist bands and fitness trackers nowadays but supports compatible heart rate monitor devices. The POLED screen looks nice when strapped on the wrist but so far that is it.


The in-built GPS was promising to start with but Grip lacks ambition and reduces to being a glorified pedometer. I am sure most of the people will prefer to stay with their Fitbit and Nike Fuelband that shelling out money for this one.

The official website showcases a spring window for the release of HTC Grip.  All in all, HTC Grip proves to be a “me-too” and offers nothing groundbreaking. Our verdict, you can skip it for now and wait for the second-gen.



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