Hiji Band is wearable headband that lets sportspersons, coaches and parents breathe a sigh of relief. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 3.8 million brain injuries occur due to sports and leisure-related injuries.

Moreover, the campaign page of Hiji Band at Kickstarter also reports that how it is a tendency among high school athletes to ignore and avoid reporting the concussions to higher authorities, let alone getting enrolled for further treatment plans.

Hiji Band:

Hiji Band

While the athletes focus on the performance and intensity, one injury and it can all crash down to nothing. Hiji Band means precaution in place and if any injury occurs, reporting it in time to get timely medical help.

Thankfully, Eric L. Luster, the founder of Movement Interactive developed this customizable Hiji Band with the compatible mobile app. The app opens up a dashboard for the parents, coaches and athletes to ensure that any serious injury report before it damages a career or life.

With the help of injury management wearable, the athletes can be forewarned and take necessary treatment on time, if precaution isn’t possible. The band is suitable to track injuries for high-risk sports like baseball, soccer, running, basketball, hockey and football.

Hiji Band Features:

Hiji Band Features


The Hiji Band comes packed up with detachable sensor, which collect data and give real time alerts on the mobile app in case of an injury. The sensors even take notes of strong impact in terms of speed, direction and location.

The data goes to compile via the app, which is capable to store every noticeable impact for a lifetime. The dashboard is very simple and gives you a detailed version of impacts via text, graphs and images.

The app also helps you to understand the consequences of an impact and gives insight into health treatment and safe playing. The sensor can detach for the cleaning of headband.

The three-level alerts, visual, audio and mobile display by the sensor. The visual alert is in the form of LED indicator to the user and is a secondary notification. The audio alert considers primary notification and is in the form of an audio signal. The connected mobile also display real-time alerts for the impacts.

The Velcro fastening makes it customizable and easy to wear for every head size. The mesh-inside makes the headband sweat-resistant and the anti-microbial neoprene is fungi-resistant.

The wearable headband is in prototype phase and was on crowdsourcing site to raise funds. The project was completed the funding goal and is now available for the pre-order on the official website for $149.99. Early backers will receive their Hiji Band by June.


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