In these times, when children are often seen as soft target and their well-being is at constant risk, HereO Child GPS Watch comes as Godsend. This is not the first ever GPS tracking smart watch that is exclusively designed for kids but certainly ground-breaking and the coolest of them all! Funky and stylish, this watch allows parents, and care-givers to track the movement and location of the kids. The movement of electronic tethers tied on the wrist of kids can be tracked through a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop. The HereO watch is funded through crowdsourcing and is left with 10-days of funding round before it goes up for pre-orders.

HereO Child GPS Watch

Target Group

The watch is designed and engineered for kids aged 3 to 12 years.

HereO app

The HereO app is available for major OS, Android and iOS. The former version is currently in the development but available for download. The accompanying HereO app will be offered for download on the desktop computers too when the watch will be rolled out publicly next year. You can use this app as tracking / communication app without the watch too. This app is similar to the ‘Find My Friends’ app of Apple and it helps you to keep a check on your family member through the smartphone’s GPS. This app can also help you to locate the whereabouts of your family and lets you receive alert notifications when they leave their recommended safety zones. If you have already joined the funding program or bought the watch for your kid, go ahead and download the HereO app from the iTunes or Android console to get the best out of it.

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You can also send a group message to alert or inform the designated family members.

Security Features:

It is water-resistant and packs in the basic function of time telling in an electronic paper display format. This has GSM / GPRS for location triangulation, rechargeable battery, seamlessly integrated antennae and a built-in SIM card. It also has an integrated accelerometer which helps the kids to alert their parents in distress. All they have to do is to horizontally shake the watch 5 times and this will send an emergency alert to the parents.

When the watch is removed, it sends Tamper Alert to parents with child’s current location. This also sends the notification regarding the frequently-visited places such as school, nursery or day-care. Since surveillance devices are also at the risk of getting caught in wrong hands or get tampered with, HereO encrypts the GPS data that is sent from the watch to the app and this reduces the risk considerably.

Issues that you should know about

The battery life of HereO child GPS watch is also impressive and can last about 24 hours to 50 hours, before a charge. It also sends an alert to the corresponding app when the battery is critical and needs to be juiced up immediately. This also deals with the practical issue of persuading your kid to remove the watch and plug it to the dock for charging. Apart from the battery drain or getting it charged by taking it off your kid’s wrist, other issue you might be pondering upon is the radio frequency energy this device emits. A report published by National Cancer Institute has suggested that radio transmitters like HereO watch emit radio frequency energy that can be possibly carcinogenic. Since kids’ immunity is subdued than the adults and they are more exposed to such carcinogenic agents, they are prone to more risk apparently. Though, there has been no consolidated and substantial proof to back up the report’s findings, but taking this under consideration before you strap on your kid with some potential carcinogenic radio transmitter is important as it could make a sea-difference to all of you.

Design and Looks:

The segment of wearable gadgets for kids is increasing by leaps and bounds. HereO and its competitors like I’m Tracer and Evado Filip are the contenders which have taken the market to a new level. However, unlike the other two, the design of HereO is no-frills, simple and classy as well as compact enough to fit in the smallest and cutest of the wrists. It measures 1.3×1.2 by 0.5 inches. It has an adjustable band which can be adjusted according to the width of wrist. The watch though looks bit bulky and kids can take some time to get used to it. There are no other features and to the most of eyes, it may look like well, a watch. According to the HereO founders that they did not want any complicated features to weigh down a kid’s watch so, they wanted it to be just a digital clock.

The watch is designed to stand the bumps and rough play times and hence, is made water-resistant as well as has a rugged feel.

Currently, there are four color options available in the watch, which are red, blue, turquoise and yellow. The company is also planning to branch out with popular cartoon characters and themes such as Hello Kitty.

All in all, it is a quite simple yet effective solution! No wonder, that the ideation and features are liked by people all over the world and the watch has received an overwhelming response on the website, Indiegogo by selling its stock of Early Bird Specials at $99. Now, when Early Bird discounts are over, you can pre-order this watch at $129 with a $20 discount.   As the watch funding campaign has only 10 days left, you get limited time and limited stock to buy this kid-size GPS watch. When the device will go for sale on retail counters, it will cost you about $150. The corresponding app for desktop, Android and iOS is free but comes with a subscription fee of $5 per month to cover up the cost of GPS data services that is send from the watch to the app. To ensure your kid’s safety and your peace, this watch seems like a good investment to us until the arrival of something more seamless, safer and integrated wearable tracking devices.


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