Haier, the leader in home appliances segment brought a range of connected wearables at MWC 2015 including smartwatches and pet collar. The smartwatches are for kids and senior adults and aimed to help caretakers to know their whereabouts. Similarly, the pet collar helps the caretakers to trace the location of the pets.

Haier Wearables:

Haier Wearables

The Haier kids’ smartwatch comes in different bright colors. Featuring a 0.96 inch OLED screen, in-built microphone and speaker for making calls, it boasts of two-day battery life. The microphone can be used to listen to the conversation via the Baby Monitor mode.  It is also water-resistant up to 30 meters.  The red button is emergency SOS button, which alerts three preset contacts in case of emergency when pressed.

Haier wearables Features:

Haier wearables Features


The watch is GPS-enabled and with the help of companion app, parents can get alerts when the kid enters or leaves the marked safe zone. The app can also store the past record of GPS tracking.

The Haier smartwatch for senior adults includes the several features of kids watch but looks more adult-like. Apart from the red and black leather strap, the watch parts ways Baby Monitor mode and feature remote listening instead and can be used if the caregiver is unable to contact the user via phone.

The pet collar does not have a screen. The SOS button can be used by the person who happens to find your pet with the help of in-built speaker and microphone. By the looks, the pet collar seems more suitable for dogs than cats.

So far, the company has not made the release date and pricing available.


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