Can you remember “Google Glass” which had gone off the shelf once Google decided to shut the project down? Like everyone we also thought that the entire project on futuristic Google Glass was postponed. But by igniting our inspirations Google is coming up with its next Google glass 2!

Google Glass 2- Features and Specifications:

Google Glass 2- Features and Specifications


Google started the project of Google Glass with a special aim and it seems they have made their way a step ahead with the features of Google Glass 2 that are in the centre of buzz since Google revealed it. Google is intending to create internal enhancements with its next wearable device.

According to a report from the Wall street Journal, Google is dropping Texas Instruments and powering Google Glass 2 with an Intel processor. If this is true, Google, as well as Intel may be positioning the new Glass for usage in the professional world.

Glass might conveniently find a useful spot in a myriad of markets, possibly in unexpected emergency treatment and also health centres. These make it simply more useful, more practical.

The recent updates also suggest that Google Glass 2 will come with an “Adjustable Display Mounting” technology which will feature one, adjustable arm that wraps around the back of the user’s head.

Although the report broke numerous months ago, there is still no indicator of which Intel processor Google Glass 2 will make use of. 9to5Google states the Glass version in development is going to introduce an Intel Atom processing chip; however the particular design is unidentified that incorporates a brand-new processing chip, Glass is clearly striving to boost Glass’ battery life, one of the greatest downsides in the Google Glass Explorer Edition, along with improvement in performance.


GOOGLE GLASS NEWSGoogle confirmed in February that it was preparing brand-new Glass layout from scratch. Initial reports indicated Google intended to make Glass 2 appear like your everyday glasses as well as bring in much less interest. Nonetheless, as confirmed to the Wall Street Journal, Google has partnered that incorporates high-end Italian eyeglasses maker Luxottica for the brand-new Google Glass layout.

With Fadell partnering with fashion jewellery designer Ivy Ross along with Luxottica, it appears like Google is intending to create the next Google Glass attract attention in a hip, fashionable method, much unlike its predecessor.

Ever before spot something off in the corner of your eye, and despite just how tough you attempt to ignore it, it still nags away at you? That’s essentially exactly what wearing the original Google Glass felt like.

Alright, we could be overemphasizing a hair, yet baseding on 9to5Google, Google is easing this annoyance by making the prism larger, so customers could look directly and also see the details they need instead of up and also off sideways. The display itself is evidently obtaining an upgrade as well, making the vague gaze into the top right corner of space a thing of the past … we wish.

With Glass 2, Google is taking a lot more inner approach to developing the end product, as well as unlike the geeky Traveller Version will certainly maintain models in-house instead of letting developers use them ahead of time. Fadell guarded Google’s selection to work from the in out, telling the BBC that- “the customers want something that delivers value or you end up with a real disappointment and you can spoil the market” For Everyday Use- Not for Fashion Anymore.

The whole design is additionally more long lasting as well as meant to stand up to rugged atmospheres, such as a factory, as the gadget is created for the all types of use this time instead of just for fashion-conscious customers. Various other differences consider a bigger prism display, an Intel Atom processor, and also improved battery life as well as smart heat management system.


It is going to couple with a new Intel processor, a bigger, thinner screen prism, an exterior battery, and also boost wireless connectivity, as well as much more.
Google Glass 2 rumor to show up in 2015. Everybody had actually presumed Google would introduce it at Google I/O in May 2015. But that occurred with no sign of the Google Glass 2.

Now taking all the rumours and points in account we can expect Google to release Google Glass 2 in February 2016 if they have not made their mind for Google I/O 2016!
Though we have not enough info, we can make a guess on the probable tag price of Google Glass 2 as officially nothing has been announced.

Bunches of rumors are enough to confuse a person looking for making budget to buy Google Glass. Only by calculating last Google glass features, price, inflation and tradition of pricing we can expect Google Glass at $1250 if it comes in May 2016.


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