People at Pebbles Technology must be having gala time. Not just the company is in process to upgrade its existing product line with color screen Pebble Watch but the fact also that it decided to come back on Kickstarter and it paid off! In just a couple of days, it surpassed its fundraising limit.

The new watch is called Pebble Time and features a colored e-ink paper display. It features new timeline interface and in-built microphone for notification. The rest of features it takes from the previous line of products which include 7-day of battery life, water-resistance and the ability to customize the watch face.

Though, you still cannot take it underwater but taking a bath with it or surfing with it won’t be a problem. Like Pebble Steel and Pebble Watch, Pebble Time is compatible with the existing range of 6,500+ Pebble watch faces and apps.

Pebble Time:

Pebble Time

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It is to be noted that Pebble Technology started its journey with Kickstarter. About three years ago, it sought money and faith from the early adopters to create the world’s first real smartwatch.

The e-color display of Pebble Time stays always-on and is low on battery consumption compared to LED or OLED. It also offers better readability and visibility for notifications of incoming text and SMS. In fact, your favorite watchface looks better with it.

The in-built microphone in Pebble Time lets you dictate voice message and send voice replies via Gmail, Hangouts, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more social media apps. iOS users have to stay limited to Gmail notifications, though. The company has promised to bring more support for Apple flagship models.

Pebble Time Features:

Pebble Time Features


The Gorilla glass lens is durable and scratch-resistant whereas bezel is crafted out of stainless steel. At 9.5 mm, it is about 20% thinner and lighter than the first Pebble. The curved design fits snugly on every wrist size. The company is planning to introduce soft-silicone band with each new smartwatch but you can easily swap the bands for any strap of 22mm you like.

The interchanging of straps is made easy with quick-release pin system. For developers and DIY enthusiasts, the company will publish the 3D data to help them create docks, straps and covers. The Pebble Time will also feature a hardware accessory port to promoted and motivate developers to come on board and create smart straps and sensors.

To answer the problem of overcrowded Pebble smartwatches due to the expansion of apps and limited home screen and not finding the right app when it is needed. Pebble equips its new Pebble Time with a brand-new interface that assorts your schedule. Events and reminders in chronological order rather than just relying on different apps.

The timeline of Pebble Time connects with your calendar, alarms and apps and sorts the data accordingly in the order of past, present and future. If you think you have missed an email, buzz the ‘past’ and jump to it. It is sort of time travelling, you see. It has tactile buttons to help you navigate through different time period.

The timeline also offers glance-able content that features new apps and lets you access as many apps you need. You can also allow the developers to create pins for your TL and customize tracking for sports, weather and plans.


As stated, Pebble Time will be available in three colors namely, black watch case with black PVD stainless steel bezel, red watch case with black PVD stainless steel bezel and white watch case with silver PVD stainless steel bezel. Silicone band will be available with each model.

Shipping will start in May. For Kickstarter backers, special engraving on Pebble Time will be done as a ‘thank you’ gesture. The retail price of Pebble Time is $199. Though, based on reward tiers on Kickstarter, you can purchase it for $159 to $179. Though, as we write this, the slots are filling up fast and the first bracket of Early Birds has been taken off already. Two Pebble watches will cost you $338 and for five you will need to shell $845.  Buy 10 and 30 Pebble watches in bulk for $1690 and $5000 respectively.

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