After Smartphone and Phablet, it is the era of Smartwatches. There are classy and trendy Smartwatches galore. Not all are of same quality however. Some have more features than others while some are wallet-friendly. Users consider a number of factors before deciding on a particular Smartwatch.


Truth is wristbands and Smartwatches are a new trend and they still have a long way to go before their usage becomes commonplace. One problem that many Smartwatch owners face is that the device could sink in the water and get damaged if they drop it mistakenly. Very few Smartwatches have IP67 rating for waterproofing. But even if a Smartwatch is waterproof, would you go ahead and dive into the water or snorkel in the cenote wearing it? No, you wouldn’t.

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That’s the reason there’s demand for Smartwatches that have in-built waterproof system. The newly announced Glassy Pro One sportsband for surfers is this kind of a device. The device is tailor-made for surfers.

The device is made by a Spanish company called Gradient Technologies. The company has a popular app called Glassy Pro. The app is available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded from here. The app is dedicated to improve the surfing experience. It allow surfers to track their sessions, access different spots and deliver weathers related information.

The Smartwatch probably runs the Glassy Pro app as it is called Glassy Pro One. On the official product description page, functionalities of the device are mentioned in vivid details. The device could track meteorological conditions of every surf session, track the number of waves in a session, the speed that the surfer takes on a wave, the time the surfer takes riding a wave, duration of each surf sessions and even help socialize the surfer by connecting his friends and share sessions with them.

The chief benefit of using the device is its database that has a huge list of surfing locations. The database covers 6000+ surf locations across the globe. More importantly, users could edit existing details of a location and could even add new location details. This is undoubtedly a useful marketing strategy, taken by the company. The strain on its backend team will be less because the database will be edited and expanded by users too.

Glassy Pro One will come in three color options; black, green and blue. Design wise, the Smartwatch is quite elegant. It has spacious edges and buttons on them. We don’t really know what these buttons are for. Users could see every detail like the speed or time taken to ride a wave on the screen.

As of yet, there aren’t enough details on hardware and software specs. Water resistance and standalone features for surfers are the only known details about the device. Glassy Pro One scores high on the water resistance part because because it won’t incur damage even 20 foot deep under water and at high-pressure points.

The Smartwatch is currently available for pre-order at $279. The shipping however will not begin until the summer of 2015. The device won’t be sold in high volumes because it targets a niche customer base, consists of surfers only. For surfers however, the Smartwatch will be very useful and that will be its main selling point.


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