Volvorii smart shoes: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world, said Merlyn Monroe.

But she forgot to tell that what right shoes are like and when there are so many good pairs around, how to get hold of them while never ever having to wear the same shoes again? And yes, that too without throwing your budget off-track.

e-ink Volvorii smart shoes:

e-ink Volvorii smart shoes


After so many years, the answer comes in the form of smart shoe concept of Volvorii. The pair mightn’t have the magic of Cinderella’s shoes but can definitely let you hog the limelight when you wear them.

Equipped with e-paper display and Bluetooth LE. It is the fashion accessory that is designed to provide you style, comfort and convenience. The footwear changes its color with your dress. Via the connecting app on your smartphone, you can transform your shoes’ e-paper display and thus, have a new pair to flaunt every day.

Be it a romantic date or power play at office, your shoes won’t let you down. The shoes are in the form of peep-toes pumps and are versatile. You can wear them with jumpsuits, skirts and evening dresses. Basically in the classic monochrome, black or white, you can play with the colors by changing them completely or going for a zig-zag and stripe pattern in the middle.

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e-ink Volvorii smart shoes Features:

e-ink Volvorii smart shoes


Volvorii smart footwear has fastener accessory anchors on the front and back that can be used to glam up the look of your shoes with the detachable accessories such as diamond studs, golden chain or maybe your initials.

You can also attach ankle straps on the back of shoes to make them more comfortable while walking. So, the ladies not only can change the look of the shoes with the connecting app but also customize them physically. The design team is also working to create an online platform where you can find several such detachable accessories for the versatile look.

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While a pair of shoes can be costly and come with basically no accessorize option, Volvorii smart shoe concept becomes the solution for many women who are plagued on a daily basis with the question of what footwear to wear without repeating it.

The smart footwear concept is in a prototype phase and was originally conceptualized to compete for the Luis Vuitton Design prize. At Indiegogo, the price tier ranges from $249 to the distributor pack of $39,000. The earlier price range of $149 and $199 are sold out now.

After making a purchase, you can also refer 5 of your friends to make the purchase and claim your footwear absolutely free. Retail price and shipping date is not yet announced as the team needs to develop the prototype into a final product. The shoes are Dragon Innovation Certified for the quality as the campaign page reads.

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If you are a developer, you can pre-order the Developers Kit Perk and unleash your creativity by developing new apps as well as designs for smart shoes.


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