Garmin is not far away from the other smartphone and other device manufacturers. It has brought its product also. In MWC 2016, Barcelona Garmin has unveiled its new product- Garmin VivoActive HR.  Vivo Active is one of the highest-graded smartwatch cum fitness tracker which will take care of 24*7 monitoring of your health overall. The star point of this device is the new optical heart rate monitoring system.

Details of Garmin VivoActive HR:

Garmin VivoActive HR

Garmin Vivo Active HR Design

Although its mouthwatering features, the design of the Garmin Vivo Active HR looks very bland. Though the makers have improved the design a lot than the previous instalment, still it looks thick, long, chunk of lifeless black plastic.

Garmin Vivo Active HR Improvements

Garmin Vivo Active HR Improvements

It’s an improved version of Garmin Forerunner 235 in terms of calorie count and heart rate monitoring technology. It will count the units more precisely. GPS got more accurate.

It’s also including a barometric altimeter, which could be a staple on Garmin’s sports watches, but now suggests you can track elevation, which is handy for uneven run training.

Garmin Vivo Active HR- New Features

Multicolor touch screen is the new addition in the Garmin Vivo Active HR.  There’s still customized apps for running, cycling, golf and also swimming plus added assistance for paddleboarding and also winter sports. Everything you can think, it has all.

A user can get all his activity data such as steps, last sport completed, weather report, intensity minutes and heart rate of last few hours, which is a big addition in this Garmin Vivo Active HR.

If you press the right-hand button at the bottom of the smartwatch, you will get all the information of your sports activities, like walk, run, bike, swimming, golf, XC ski, SUP (paddle board) ski and even the indoor activities too.

Garmin Vivo Active HR Intelligence Quotient:

It has brought its product also. In MWC 2016, Barcelona Garmin has unveiled its new product- Vivo Active HR.


There’s the enhancement of the brand-new Garmin Intelligence Quotient technology, that immediately track the tasks like strolling, running, swimming and elliptical machine training. It’s like the SmartTrack function you hop on Fitbit’s trackers primarily.

Garmin Vivo Active HR Battery

If we come to the battery life of this product, Garmin is the standout winner in this category among the other smartwatches. The company has confirmed that you can expect at least 5 days battery life with continual activity and also heart rate tracking activated.

Garmin Vivo Active HR- Price and Release Date

The Vivoactive HR is valued a little more expensively compared to the original Vivoactive being available in at $249.99. There’s no information on a launch day yet, yet the Garmin site does indicate a processing time of 5-8 weeks, so it might be a month at least before you could get it in your hand.

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