Garmin International Inc. has introduced a new series of underwater heart rate monitors dubbed as Garmin HRM-Swim and Garmin HRM-Tri. The HRMs are compact and comfortable. With the help of these underwater wearables, swimmers and triathletes can optimize their swimming session. Garmin heart rate monitors can store up to 20 hours of heart rate data and forward it to the compatible device. When the session is over, you can also send the real-time heart rate to the connected device.

Garmin HRM-Swim and Garmin HRM-Tri:

Garmin HRM-Swim and Garmin HRM-Tri

It is to be noted that these are the first underwater hear rate monitors from Garmin. Garmin HRM-Tri is an extension to the product line which saw the launch of Forerunner 920XT multisport watch last year. With this latest entrant, Dan Bartel-Garmin Vice President of Worldwide Sales, is hopeful that the series might be all-in-one solution for triathletes and swimmers as it offers the most relevant and comprehensive health management data to the users. This launch makes Garmin fall in the line of Suunto Smart Sensor strap that measures underwater heart rate to optimize your training.

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About Garmin HRM-Tri:

About Garmin HRM-Tri

Garmin HRM-Tri claims to be the lightest and smallest HRM from the company. It even captures the heart data with every leg of the session. It comes with adjustable non-slip strap and has soft edges that don’t poke you, helping you to focus on your swimming and nothing else. The battery life of Garmin-HRM Tri is supposed to last up to 10 months. According to the company’s press statement, the Tri can also provide advanced running dynamics including vertical oscillation, ground contact time and cadence. But remember one thing don’t use it after consuming alcohol as it increases heart pumping rate.

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About Garmin HRM-Swim:

About Garmin HRM-Swim

With non-slip and unique design straps, Garmin HRM-Swim lets you capture heart rate as you train in the pool. The straps even stay in place while push-offs against the wall during lap swimming. Like its companion, it can store data and send the real-time heart rate to the compatible device once you are out of water. The interval summaries and rest periods are also recorded.

The HRM-Swim battery lasts about 18 month.

With each HRM you can connect with Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect Mobile community where you can plan and share activities with like-minded people. You can also live track and share the goals on social media profiles.

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The detailed metrics of the recorded data include pool swims, pace, heart rate graphs, mapping, SWOLF, brick workouts and more.

HRM-Tri HRM-Swim
Bike rides, runs, bricks Pool swims
Open water swims Open water swims
Triathlon competition (open water swim) Triathlon competition (pool swim), triathlon kit not required
Triathlon competition (with pool swim) while wearing triathlon kit Runs or bike rides as part of a multi-sport activity that includes a pool swim

Shipping and Price:

Both the monitors, Garmin HRM-Swim and Garmin HRM-Tri are expected to ship by Q3 for the price of $99.99 and $129.99 respectively. If you want to buy them as accessory bundle packages, you need to shell out $199.99. Garmin is also offering a special edition Garmin Forerunner 920XT Tri Bundle package that includes the smartwatch in black / silver color, HRM-Swim, HRM-Tri and quick release. This package will be available for $599.99.

Compatible Devices with Garmin HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri:

Forerunner 920XT, Garmin Epix and Garmin Fēnix

Via: Garmin


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