Garmin Fenix 3 was the talk of the town. The reviews were great too. The so-called amalgamation of smartwatch and fitness tracker was bound to get attention. It was win-win for people who were once a part of the fitness fad and then grew out of it. It had served the purpose as a wrist-based wearable by telling you the time and occasionally doubling up as a smartwatch that could be connected to a couple of monitors. Used as GPS or a device to keep tabs on weather.

Garmin Fenix 4: Design, Specs, Release Date:

Garmin Fenix 4

Why am I telling you this when we have covered the Fenix 3 here, is to give you an idea of what to expect from the next flagship of Garmin.  If you had decided to skip Garmin Fenix 3 because it was way too expensive for you (at $499.99 without heart rate monitor, $599.99 with one.

It is expensive than even the standard Apple Watch) or you thought it was just style and not the substance, then darlings.  Garmin Fenix 4 could be just the thing for you. Rumors are rife that Garmin may launch its new flagship model, Garmin Fenix 4 sometime this year.

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Weararena brings you the best of rumors regarding price, release date and specs of Garmin Fenix 4. Read on!

Garmin Fenix 4 Design:

Garmin Fenix 4 Design

The predecessor of Garmin Fenix 4 came in 3 models, the premium edition being equipped with sapphire lens and stainless steel. As Apple’s debutante wearable comes into picture. The stakes get higher as well as the pressure to penetrate newer and untouched market segment, increases.

Most of people out there don’t think much of a high-end watch, let alone its capabilities. So, Garmin Fenix 4 has much thinking to do and withstanding to this, expect a sleeker and more beautiful watch to woo the fence-sitters.

As Fenix 3 was all out a male thing with its rugged, bulky and dull look, the Fenix 4 will be unisex watch much like its expected rival, Apple Watch. They can also think of launching different editions for men and women.

The rumors are also abuzz that there will be three price points based on the feature. The previous generation Fenix 3 was bulky due to its powerful battery that could give you 16-hour in GPS mode and 3-month in watch mode, however, Fenix 4 needs to figure out a way to house a battery powerful like this while keeping the weight in check.

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Apart from this, the same Chroma screen that lets you read the notification in sunlight is rumored to be there, however, in a more colorful manner. Also expect a lot of options in straps and watch faces.

Garmin Fenix 4 Specs:

Garmin Fenix 4 Specs


The Garmin Fenix 4 activity features will outwit its predecessor.  Like Fenix 3, which is touted as a very capable multisport GPS watch, it will come equipped with GPS and sensors for ABC which is altimeter, barometer and compass.  It will provide you with updates on weather changes and will let you mark location with breadcrumb trail.

On the fitness front, some of the features that are also in its older sibling and awesomely backed up by exceptional data and metrics will be there too. This new flagship from the U.S. based OEM will count your steps. Track swimming workout (VO2 max) and is expected to be tuned into ski-board remote.

The rumors are also indicating that the smartwatch will feature the usual metrics such as ground cadence, contact time, stride length, vertical oscillation, ground contact time balance and vertical ratio. Additionally, more niche fitness aspects and metrics are expected to find a place in the next-gen version. Thanks to these features and metrics that even now, no fitness band or smartwatch could compete with this one hell of a tracker.

However, the only sore spot was the heart stats which could only be monitored via a chest strap and Garmin Fenix 4 is expected to get it right this time. After paying a premium price, the folks weren’t happy with strapping on a bulky chest strap to measure a vital stat such as heart rate.

Expectedly, the Fenix 4 will come packed with this and will bring some kickass features such as NFC payment and an array of 3rd party apps on board. Which seems in line with its expansion plans of proprietary Connect IQ platform.

Apart from that, as most of the upcoming smartwatches such as Apple Watch. Samsung Gear S3 and HTC One Wear will come with many non-sports features like receive and read texts, load some apps, stream music, pay wirelessly; Garmin may deviate from designing a sports-only watch and built Fenix 4 as an all-round wearable to stay in the competition.

So with the Garmin Fenix 4, users may pay for their coffee and receive texts and calls, apart from just tracking their fitnesses.

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Garmin Fenix 4 Release Date:

Garmin Fenix 4 Release Date


Though, it is not set in stones but the rumors indicate for a mid-2015 release. Fenix 2 and Fenix 3 were rolled out for masses in Feb 2014 and March 2015 respectively. It is basically a year-gap but given the high-end price segment of the latter and the ‘delayed’ arrival of Apple Watch in June. Garmin might want to rush things at its end and look for a quick release as it will be difficult to sell Fenix 3 with this price tag once Apple wearable is out and available in stores.

Update: Since there has been an odd silence regarding the Garmin Forerunner 4 release, we feel that the maker would follow its release cycle and launch the new wearable in Fenix series by January 2016.

Update (26/8/16): As you can see, we heard rumours that the wearable was supposed to release in January 2016. But January came and went, there’s no sign of Germin Fenix 4. Apparently, Germin is busy improving and aggressively marketing Fenix 3. Now rumours have emerged regarding Garmin Fenix 4 release date could be in early 2017. So set your date for January 2017.

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Garmin Fenix 4 Price:

According to the rumors, the Garmin Fenix 4 is supposed to be available at three different price points much like Apple Watch. The premium and limited edition is rumored to be at a different price level. Totally whereas the standard Garmin model can be budget-friendly.

Update: Fenix Smartwatches has always been very expensive. The cheapest Fenix 3 variation starts at $499 while others go well over the $600 mark. We are expecting that Fenix 4 will cost at least $500. Other premium variants could go very well go over $600 and perhaps even more than $700. Although the price is high, Fenix smartwatches are completely worth it.

Liked what you read? Want to know more about the upcoming Garmin Fenix 4, stay tuned!


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