Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v2.6.9.494348 Download: Ninjas and their flawless sword skills have always fascinated most of us right from our childhood days, and now with the smartphones and games like the Fruit Ninja, you can easily try your hands to polish your sword skills by cutting delicious fruits by the sharp sword of Ninjas.

The Fruit Ninja is basically a touch-based game where you need to cut the fruits skillfully so that you can maximum number of fruits without hitting the bombs that will randomly target you.

Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v2.6.9.494348

Fruit Ninja Mod

In addition to the bombs, you should keep one more thing in mind that if you miss three fruits in total, you will lose the game. So, avoid the bombs, and cut the maximum number of fruits and achieve the highest score.

Fruit Ninja: Gameplay and features:

Fruit Ninja Mod 2

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the Fruit Ninja is one of the simplest game you can ever try on your mobile device. And this simplicity of the game makes it a worthy download for almost every gamer who love to play mobile games and want a beautifully crafted and designed game on their smartphones.

Apart from the simple yet entertaining gameplay, the Fruit Ninja has numerous features that make it one of the most entertaining way to kill the spare time.

Some of the best features that you will love about the game are listed as follows:

  • High-end graphics

The first thing that you are going to notice about the Fruit Ninja, is the extreme graphics. The game has brilliant console-like graphics that make Fruit Ninja a brilliant game for those gamers who are looking for a game with great graphics, simple controls, and lag-free gameplay. Try your hands on Fruit Ninja, and you won’t be disappointed by using the data on it.

  • Different modes of game

The game has numerous modes that provide the gamers a great way to enjoy the game differently. Try the unlimited fruit slicing, or try cutting the maximum number of fruits in 60-seconds. There are numerous modes that make it one of most entertaining games available for the Android platform.

  • Lag-free performance

Although the game has great graphics and brilliant gameplay, you won’t experience any lag or frame loss while playing the game. So, enjoy your game and try to beat your friends’ high score.

  • A high-pace game that will keep you engages for hours

Fruit Ninja is a great game for those gamers who love to have a fast-paced game with numerous exciting levels to choose from and that can be enjoyed for hours without being bored for a single minute. And if you are unable to beat a high score, try changing the mode where you can beat your friend’s score easily.

Apart from these, there are numerous other features that make the game a perfect time killer for the gamers. So, if you were looking for a game that has numerous brilliant features, flawless gameplay, and awesome graphics. Then you must try your hands on the Fruit Ninja once. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s new in the latest version of Fruit Ninja Mod apk:

The latest version of the Fruit Ninja apk has numerous new advancements that make it a worthy upgrade for new as well as the old gamers who have played the game before. Apart from the bug fixes, and performance improvements, the latest version of Fruit Ninja apk has the following new things. Go through them and know why this version is a worthy upgrade for your device.

  • The game now has better stability and lag-free gameplay
  • Numerous bug fixes to make the game more fluid and reliable than ever before
  • Addition of new fruits and levels to make the game more entertaining and fun to play

So, if you are looking forward to get the best experience out of the game, then try your hands on the latest version of fruit Ninja apk and grab the additional benefits of having the apk file on your device.

Apart from having the latest version of the game, you will have the power of installing the game repeatedly on numerous Android devices without having to download it again from the Google Play or from any other source. Just download it once, and play until the next version of the apk is released that is worth downloading. you can download highly compressed PC games here.

Fruit Ninja Mod apk: File Information

  • File Size: 86 MB
  • Version:
  • Developers: Halfbrick Studios

Fruit Ninja Mod Apk Download 

Fruit Ninja Mod 3

Download Link

How to install Fruit Ninja Mod Apk on your Android Smartphone

As said, having the apk file is a great way to have the game on different devices, without downloading it again. Also, if you are having a limited internet connection or are on using the internet from a mobile phone carrier, then downloading games and data can be a pain.

That’s where the apk file comes handy for the users. If you haven’t dealt with the apk files before, then read further for the step-to-step guide for installing the Fruit Ninja apk from the scratch.

Step1: Open your web browser and tap on the link to start downloading the apk on your device. You may ask for the confirmation as downloading a non-secured apk file may harm your device.

Click to confirm as the above file is clean and absolutely safe to use.

Step2: Once downloaded, go to the folder where the apk file has been downloaded. Tap on the file, and initiate the installation by giving the game the necessary permissions.

Step3: Sit back and wait for the installation to get completed. Once the installation go to complete, you can play the game as usual.


The Fruit Ninja is a great game for those who are looking forward to try their hands on a game that is fun to play and can enjoy for hours without being bored. And by installing the game from the above-listed link, you can be sure of getting the best performance and brilliant and flawless gameplay. So, try your hands on the Fruit Ninja’s latest apk listed above.


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