Download Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk V 3.9.0: Endless running games have gained enormous popularity, and due to the immense demand for these games, you can see a large number of games falling under this genre of mobile games.

Zombies Tsunami is probably the best and one of the very few games that are based on Zombies and where you play as a zombie, and it doesn’t have the engaging dramatic graphics that we usually see in zombie-based games on the play store.

However, even by missing the jaw-dropping graphics and tight gameplay, the game has a tremendous fan following, and the highly addictive nature of the game makes you play the game for hours with feeling bored. The power-ups that are available during the gameplay are brilliant and will make you love even more.

Let’s have a deeper look at the features and gameplay of the Zombie Tsunami that will help you decide you should download the game or not.

Zombie Tsunami: Gameplay and Features:

Zombie Tsunami Gameplay and Features

Zombie Tsunami is basically an endless running game where you start as a zombie and as you eat people, the herd of zombies gets bigger with every person you eat. You can play the game until a single zombie from your herd is alive. During your endless run, you will find obstacles like vehicles, bombs and broken roads. Clear the obstacles and run to make your herd bigger so that you can clear the obstacles with more efficiency.It may look that you got more chance to deal with the obstacles by having a large herd, but handling them is a real pain and it gets tough to deal with all of them.

During the gameplay, you will have the chances to grab the power-ups like Tsunami, Ninja, Quarterback, Dragon etc. These power-ups are for a limited timeperiod and are only available for a few seconds but they definitely make the gameplay better.

Here are the features that make the Zombie Tsunami a great time killer app for the Android devices

1) Awesome gameplay”

Awesome gameplay

The gameplay of Zombie Tsunami is simple yet brilliant. So, if you are fed up with the traditional endless running games and want to try something extraordinary and extremely addictive, then you should try your hands on the Zombie Tsunami.

2) Brilliant power-ups to make the game even more addictive:

One thing that you are going to love about the Zombie Tsunami is the brilliant power-ups that you will get during your run. Try to collect them while running and this will considerably improve your performance. By visiting the marketplace of the game, you can upgrade these power-ups and can make it last for a longer period of time. So, try to get all the coins while your run and complete the daily missions to earn more coins to get the most out of the gameplay.

3) The gameplay becomes faster and more difficult as your herd gets bigger:

As the other endless running game, the game gets faster and more difficult as you travel larger distances. And unlike the other gamers of the genre, you will be carrying a herd of numerous zombies that make it even more entertaining.

So, try your hands on Zombie Tsunami and you will love the experience.

4) Eat the brains and clear the missions to earn coins to upgrade your Zombie with accessories:

You will be able to see the leaderboard and the number of brains you have eaten during the gameplay. This helps you see and compare your performance with other players. Moreover, you can connect with your Facebook friends to earn the coins to purchase the upgrades.

5) Earn the scratch cards to get the additional rewards and travel cards:

Apart from the upgrades, you can also purchase the scratch cards(or get them after clearing the levels). By getting these cards, you can get rewards and new background that will be activated during your next run. So, try to get these scratch cards, and enhance your gameplay and performance during your next run.

What’s new in Zombie Tsunami apk:

What’s new in Zombie Tsunami apk

If you have more than one Android devices or if you are planning to get a new device in near future, then instead of downloading the game from the playstore, we would recommend you to download the latest Zombie Tsunami apk from the above link to get it on all of your Android devices.

Here are the things that you can get while choosing the latest Zombie Tsunami apk from the above link.

  1. Bug fixes and level upgrades to make the gameplay more fluid.
  2. New additions to the marketplace that you will love upgrading to.
  3. Free Diamonds that you can use to buy the scratch cards or to upgrade your zombie.

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk Download Link

Download Zombie Tsunami Apk V 3.9.0

Zombie Tsunami: File Information

File Size:62.4 MB

Version: 3.8.0

Developer: Mobigame S.A.R.L.

How to install Zombie tsunami Mod apk

How to install Zombie tsunami Mod apk

In case you are willing to try your hands on Zombie Tsunami apk, then you need to follow a few essential steps that will ensure the installation of the app on your smartphone in a jiffy.

Step1: Download the Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk v 3.9.0 by clicking the above link.

Step2: Once downloaded, click on the apk file to start the installation.

Step3: If you are prompted to confirm the installation, click to confirm.

Step4: That’s it, the game will be installed to your Android device once you confirm and give the required permissions to the app.


The gamers who are in love with the endless running game, but are fed up of playing the usual games, the Zombie Tsunami will be a perfect game to try. So, we would recommend you to download the apk file from the above link and try your hands on this amazingly addictive game from the Mobigame. We are sure that you are going to love the game and will prefer it to kill your spare time.

In all, try this amazing game to get a new overall experience of playing an exciting game of the endless running genre.


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