Download Mortal Kombat X: A few decades back when the video games are on their rise, a game that made millions of kids fan of action gaming was named as “Mortal Kombat”. The game has almost everything that a kid can ever imagine to have in an action game.

Free Download Mortal Kombat X mod

The time flew and now when we are in the era of high-end graphics-intense computer and mobile games, the Mortal Kombat has entered into its 10th version, which is more intense, has better gameplay and of course has more blood than ever before.

Mortal Kombat X:

The game may not be suitable for the kids now, but for the hardcore gamers who love playing such games, the MKX is a great game to have on the mobile device. So, if you are also looking for a flawless action game with a lot of possibilities, the Mortal Kombat X is a must-try for you.

Mortal Kombat X: Gameplay and Features

Mortal Kombat X

In terms of the gameplay, the Mortal Kombat X is almost similar to the previous versions of the game where you need to battle with the evils to become the ultimate survivor.

However, there are few enhancements that make the gameplay better and more entertaining than ever before. Some of the best features of the game that you are surely going to love this time are listed as follows. Go through them and know whether this is the right game for you, or not.

  • Different modes provide the game better grip to the gameplay
  • Easy to use controls make it a great game for those gamers who love playing intense games
  • Brilliant console-like graphics and sound effects
  • Numerous characters to choose from
  • Unlock the new characters by earning rewards and completing missions

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Along with these, there are plenty of more features that will make you love this game. In all, if you were looking for an ultimate game that has all the features of great console-like gaming experience, then the MK X would the right choice for you. Try it once and you will find the reason why we are recommending the game for your Android device.

What’s new in the latest Mortal Kombat X mod apk

What’s new in the latest Mortal Kombat X mod apk

As said, there are hidden characters in the game that can unlock by completing the levels and missions. However, rewards earned by doing that is somehow lesser than the expectation, and you will be able to unlock only a few characters even after playing the game for weeks.

However, if you are looking to get the most out of the game, it is essential to unlock all the characters that are only available after making the in-app purchase. But, there is one more thing that you choose for if you are not willing to pay for the in-app purchases. The way we are talking about is the Mortal Kombat X mod apk.

By installing the app through the mod apk listed above, you can have unlimited Koins, Souls and an infinite Ally credit that will help you experience the game like never before. The latest mod apk fro Mortal Kombat has several new features and additions, and some benefits that you can avail by using it:

  • Unlimited Koins, rewards, and player customizations
  • New Halloween pack for the gamers
  • No need for any in-app purchase
  • Infinite health

So, if you are in love with the game but are fed up of having t resources and characters, then look for the Mortal Kombat’s latest mod apk to get the most out of the game without spending any real money on the in-app purchases.

Mortal Kombat X mod apk: File Information

  • File Version: 1.21
  • File Size: 20 MB apk; 1.1GB Data
  • Developers: NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros.

Download Mortal Kombat X Mod Apk

Mortal Kombat X mod


Download Link: Mortal Kombat X Mod

How to install Mortal Kombat X mod apk on your Android smartphone

If you are willing to play the game with fully capable characters without spending on the in-app purchases, then you should install the game through the above-listed mod apk, instead of downloading the game from the official Google Play store. And to do this, you will have to follow the steps described below. Go through them and get the fully unlocked version of Mortal Kombat X on your Android device.

Step1: Download the apk and data file by clicking on the link above. Make sure to download the appropriate file according to your CPU

Step2: After collecting the confirmation, the apk file, along with the data will be downloaded on your device.

Step3: Tap on the downloaded file and the game will be installed on your device in a few minutes with unlimited rewards and souls that can be used to unlock the characters and new capabilities.

In case you want to you have the game on your other Android devices too, just share the apk+data file and install the game following the same procedure again.


In all, if you were looking for an ultimate action game that has numerous characters, different modes and exciting missions, you should once try your hands on the Mortal Kombat X. You will love the characters and if you will love playing the game in your spare time to kill the free time in a most entertaining way.

The game itself is a great addition to the Android gamers, and the mod apk takes the excitement to a whole new level for the gamers.

So, instead of waiting for more, try your hands on the latest Mortal Kombat mod apk to get the most out of the game. You will love the overall experience of having a bunch of characters with their full capabilities to crush the enemies without worrying about the coins and rewards.

Just use the specials moves and knock down the enemies as early as possible. The mod apk will et you unlock the special characters and unlock the hidden levels and capabilities of the characters that would a tough nut to crack with the usual bonuses and Koins earned throughout the levels.


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