Download Bomber Friends Apk V 3.17: Bomber friends is an action game that is gaining immense popularity among the gamers these days. His game can be considered as an incremental update to the traditional bomber game that we used to play on our once favorite 8-bit video games with greatly improved graphics and an overall enhanced game-flow.

If you have ever played the bomber on your video games, then you will find it nostalgic. There is literally no change in the gameplay, and you are going to love this game and will prefer it to play for prolonged hours as you have done it while playing it during your childhood.

The Bomber friends can be treated as the newer version of the brilliantly laid out game. And you can now try it on your Android devices. So, instead of looking for other ways of getting full entertainment, try the Bomber friends apk from the link provided and kill your spare time like never before.

Let’s have a deeper look at the gameplay and talk about the unique features that make it worth trying game.

Bomber Friends: Gameplay and Features:-

Bomber Friends Gameplay and Features


As said before, the Bomber Friends for Android devices can be treated as a true update of the traditional bomber game. That clearly means it has the similar gameplay and storyline. You need to clear out the mazes by avoiding contact with the enemies. Place the bombs to explode the brick walls and collect the power-ups. That’s it. This is complete gameplay that you will love to play for hours.

Here are the features that we loved during our review. Try the game, and we are sure that you are going to find numerous other features too that we have missed here.

1) Amazing graphics

2) Developers have tried hard to keep the original gameplay intact, and they have done really well

3) Different game modes to get a good variation

4) Six Worlds full of surprises and amazing rewards

What’s new in Bomber Friends apk:

What’s new in Bomber Friends apk

If you are planning to have a new device in near future and have limited data issues, then we would suggest you to go for the Bomber Friends apk instead of downloading it from Google’s Playstore. This will help you save some extra data that you would have used by downloading it from the play store repeatedly. Here are the new features that you can have access to by downloading the latest version of the apk file on your Android device

1) Controls are optimized for the touchscreen:

As obvious, the original bomber game needed some upgrades to get fit for the touchscreen-enabled smartphones. The developers tried hard to make the feel of the game intact by introducing the touchscreen-optimized controls that actually helped the game to be even more attractive and addictive on the Android devices.

2) Added Support for Android TV.

In the newest version of the game, the developers have introduced the support to the Android TV. That means you can now play this amazing game on your Android TV too by using your smartphone as a controller. So, if you are bored by playing such an addictive game on the smaller screen of your smartphone, then upgrade to the latest version to enjoy the game on the larger screen of your Android TV.

3) 300+ levels for the campaign mode:

At the campaign level, you will have access to more than 300 levels where the difficulty and number of opponents will keep on increasing. In this way, the developers have done enough to keep you busy for hours. So now, you don’t need to worry about your free time, you can now play this beautiful and addictive game on your smartphone without actually downloading it from the play store.

4) Numerous types of bombs to smash your opponents:

Unlike the original game, where you only have one type of bomb, here you have different bombs with different intensities. So, earn rewards, and try the new bombs and improve your overall performance.

5) You can now customize your bomber by using the earned coins:

By clearing the levels and killing the enemies, you will earn rewards, and you can use these rewards (coins) to either buy new items from the store or to customize the bomber with new costumes and accessories. So, don’t let you bomber as others, you can customize them as per the needs. Try to find a new look for your bomber and get the game a more personalized feel.

Apart from these, there are hundreds of other features too that make it worth trying games even if you haven’t played the bomber game before.

Bomber Friends apk: File Information

Bomber Friends apk File Information


File Size: 49 MB

Version: 2.23

Developer: Hyperkani

Download Bomber Friends Mod Apk V 3.17

Download Link 

How to Install Bomber Friends apk on your Android device:

In order to install the game through the Bomber Friends apk on your Android device, you need to follow certain steps. If you haven’t installed an app through the apk file, then read further for the step-to-step procedure of installing the Bomber friends apk on your device

Step1: Open the above link to download the apk file directly on your Android smartphone.

Step2: Once downloaded, open the apk file to start the installation.

Step3: You may be asked for the confirmation to install the app through the unknown source. If you do, click on confirm/install to start the installation.

Step4: That’s it. You can now play the game as usual.


To conclude, the Bomber Friends will be a great companion of your free time. And in case you have played the older 8-bit version of the game, then you will surely have some memories associated with this game. So, cherish your memories with this amazingly addictive game, and try a completely new level of entertainment.

And most importantly, if you are having issues like limited internet connectivity, then we would recommend you to once try the Bomber friends mod apk without any second thought. Trust us, you won’t regret using your internet data to download the Bomber friends apk from the above link.


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