Flick with Flic: Do you also think that there is so much stress on technology nowadays and wish if we could go back to the time when things were simpler? When watches were watches and phones were meant to take calls, ah! Living in a setting where we see wearables launching on a day-to-day basis and the world of technology getting complicated and advanced every minute, Flic comes as a hero.

Outside, it is a simple wireless button but inside, it is designed to make tech-junkies’ lives a lot easier. It lets you create shortcut for your favorite smartphone apps and reach them out without pulling out or even touching your phone. Download the Flic app and automate and simplify your entire life, all in a tap or two.

Flick with Flic:

Flick with Flic

It communicates to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is compatible with Android 4.3+ and iPhone 4S+. The double-sided adhesive enables it to stick or re-stick to almost every surface. You can clip it on to your clothes too. If the surface looks dirty, wipe it off with a wet wipe and it is good to go! Made of custom silicon rubber, it looks real cute without letting anyone actually know that this small thing can hold such command over your digital life.

Be it calling the person on your smartphone’s speed dial, hiring a cab, texting or sending a distress signal and message to your loved ones, you can do it all with Flic. Don’t take your mind off driving and let Flic launch navigation for you to inform that you are late for home.

It can also detect the song playing on the radio. If you want, it can also share your GPS location with a chosen set of people. The best part is that you don’t need to have a smartphone to use flick.

Flick with Flic Features:

It connects via Bluetooth up to 150 feet range and is shareable. Three functions namely click, double-click and hold can be assigned to a single unit. With a battery life span of 5 years (up to 60,000 clicks), it is also weather-resistant and dust-resistant.

If you are lot like me who keep forgetting where your mobile phone was last seen at, you can make your phone sound an alarm via the Flic. The connected and smart homes are now in vogue and Flic button will let you take control of it.

If someone is at the door and you are in bath, open the door with one tap at Flic. It can do fake call and save you from the agony of a boring company.  It connects with the home automation tools and lets you control the thermostat. Set a romantic mood or just turn off everything.

Imagine, having a single button at command to manage the lights and home entertainment unit. As of now, the connected smart home units include Nest Thermostat, Phillips Hue lights and August Smartlock.


The simple-looking Flic button also happens to a camera and is capable to click picture for you without having your smartphone nearby. It integrates with your smartphone’s camera shutter to let you click picture without your phone.

What’s more? The Flic can also control a range of web apps and devices. Flic Developer Kit allows developers to integrate Flic with their apps.
You can pre-order Flic button on Indiegogo from $30 to $599.


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