Leading and reportedly the most-popular wearable, Fitbit has entered into a three-year deal with the U.K. based running organization, parkrun UK. Fitbit will be the official sponsor for the runners associated with the community and aims to empower the active runners with the accurate fitness data by tracking their performance and giving precise feedback on training through its range of fitness trackers and software prowess.

Fitbit fitness trackers:

Fitbit fitness trackers 1

The Fitbit fitness trackers included in the contract are Fitbit Surge and Fitbit Charge which include PurePulse heart rate technology, hiking metric, GPS sensor and pace statistics. With Fitbit, trainers and runners can get important and timely insights on their lifestyle as well as motivation to overcome the challenges.

The Fitbit ambassadors Professor Greg Whyte and Chrissie Wellington will mentor the runners too, reports mobile news. The parkrun runners will also have the benefit to link their Fitbit account to the parkrun report card for real-time challenges.

It is to be noted that parkrun UK is a non-profit organization and holds free 5km run on a weekly basis. Anyone can take part in this activity that takes place in the surrounding vicinity of Parkland. These community runs were first organized in the year 2004 and now currently has 336 locations in the UK.


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